Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Date Night Ogden Cami and Blazer

Today's post brings you two handmade items for the price of one! A few weeks ago, I finally succumbed to the Ogden Cami craze in anticipation of spring/summer sewing. I'm obsessed with the way Ogdens pair with culottes like the Winslows. But until warm weather gets here, this first Ogden of mine is going to be matched up with a blazer.

The blazer is Butterick 5926 and this is my second visit to this pattern. Sadly, the first version was a wadder and was never finished. I couldn't get over it and always wanted to try again. This blue and white striped ponte (I want to say it was from Fabric Mart) was just right for the pattern, and with the failure/practice of the first try I was finally able to be successful with it.

I can't go into much more detail than that, because I finished it nearly a year ago! It made a brief appearance on Instagram and then never got to the blog, because I couldn't figure out what to wear with it. It's also a polyester blend and I can only wear it for so long before it makes me stabby. This cami, however, is perfect and it's breathed new life into the blazer.

The simplicity of the Ogden Cami forced me to carefully consider my fabric choice as well as sizing. I rifled through my stash and found a polyester charmeuse (I had bought it for a coat lining but never made the coat) to use as a muslin. My bust measures 33" which was a 2, but my hips are 38" which was an 8. That's a LOT of grading out from bust to hip. I did my best to make a natural-looking curve and I think it came out as best as it could. I also added 1" to the length. I have a long torso and also a personal preference for longer shirts.

The facings I left at a size 2, so all the grading was beneath that area. Due to lack of fabric I did have to piece the back.

Speaking of fabric...I've been hoarding these precious scraps for years. This is stretch silk charmeuse, and it's from Mood. It was originally used for a lining on my first Victoria Blazer. Yes, the fabric is terrifying. I don't spend a lot of time with silk...I have three kids and three pets and it's just not practical. That said, I am now daydreaming of a set of silk pajamas. Can't lie, I definitely slept in this top and it was SO luxurious! Construction wasn't too bad, I used French seams and turned down the presser foot pressure on my machine.

I do have some bra-strap peekage (yes, that's totally a word) with my Ogden. Since I've only worn it with the blazer thus far, that hasn't been a big deal. But I did a small hack to leave holes in the straps. Now, I should be able to thread a convertible bra through the straps. If that's as clear as mud, don't despair, I'm working on a tutorial for it.

Inappropriate label from Kylie and the Machine

I have fabric on the way for another Ogden, now that I'm pretty certain on fit. This is one of those patterns that looks great on everyone and I can definitely recommend it!

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  1. I'm glad you found something to wear with your cute jacket! I love those two together.


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