Thursday, November 1, 2018

Easy Flannel Poncho

This fall, I've attempted to stretch my wardrobe a bit and try some new things. I'm deviating from my old standby colors (navy, grey, black, and pink) and doing a bit of a capsule with olive green and browns. I'm also trying new items like a vest and overalls, along with today's project, a poncho.

This look has been in the back of my mind for a while, since I saw a tutorial on Pinterest (by Merrick via Jo-Ann's). I loved her black and white version and kind of kept my eye out for a suitable flannel. I saw this one at Style Maker Fabrics and I had to have it!

The colors are brown, olive green, white, and gold. Both sides are super pretty and the flannel is thick and soft.

I followed the tutorial pretty much to the letter, so I'm not going to elaborate too much on construction. Basically, it's two yards folded cut end to cut end, with a vertical slit in front. I tried on the poncho as I was working to see how deep I wanted the cut.

I sewed a straight stitch horizontally just above the hems, and I have been carefully removing strands to create fringe. It's time-consuming, so after about an inch of it I took a break and just started wearing the poncho anyway.

I love throwing this on to go outside and play with the kids. It covers whatever I'm wearing and keeps the dirt off of me. It's also great in the car because it's basically like wearing a blanket! But you could easily dress it up with some skinny jeans and heels the way Merrick does in her tutorial. I'm wearing it here with my black merino Union St. Tee and French Terry Hudson Joggers.

This was such a quick, satisfying project that would make a good palate cleanser between more difficult makes!

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