Thursday, August 10, 2017

UFO Manila Leggings

I rarely end up with UFOs (unfinished objects) since I don't work on more than one project at a time. I do have a pile of cut-but-not-sewn kids' clothes, or never-getting-to-this repairs, but there are very few things in the just-didn't-finish stack. These leggings were one of those, and I'm so glad they're done!

I started these two and a half years ago (!!) but they were abandoned due to fit issues. These are the Manila leggings, an old Seamwork Magazine pattern. I was pregnant when I worked on these, so when the fit issues occurred I set them aside to be finished postpartum. Except postpartum only lasted four months and then I was pregnant again haha! So now, here I am again, but one year past my last baby and not planning on any more.

I had an afternoon to myself and without anything pressing to do, and with black serger thread already in place I was able to quickly finish these leggings. I basically pinned and cut and resewed wherever I needed to make them fit. They aren't the prettiest any more, due to shortening the rise without cutting a new waistband, but they're functional. They are TIGHT since this fabric (ponte) doesn't have much stretch. They are shorter than drafted, also due to stretch issues and y'know, wanting to get these up my calves.

The petal cuff is cute but the petals do not overlap as much as drafted. I had to shorten the leg, which meant the opening for the cuff is larger than intended. It still works, I think, just don't take this as an example of how it's supposed to look!

We're having an unseasonably cool August so these capri leggings are perfect for quick errands or around the house. This month has been busy with back-to-school (or rather, first time to school!) and we've also been tackling painting projects around the house. This is my newly-painted kitchen, which used to be yellow. So if the blog is a little quiet in the next few weeks, you know why!

Flat-felled seaming

What's the longest you've let a UFO languish, and actually finished it? These would have been tossed long ago, but the embossed ponte is amazing and I couldn't give up on it.


  1. Great fabric and such a useful pattern. I have just re finished a skirt IG tells me is 47 weeks old!! Whoops K xXx

    1. Isn't it nice that IG counts in weeks like that? Haha!

  2. I like the bottom of those, I think I would do that without the petal business. Great job on the finish! There is a trench coat in my closet that needs the lining in the sleeves taken up . . . at least 3 years?

  3. The petal cuffs are really cute! I'm feeling the new found freedom of being on the other side of childbearing too. I try to avoid UFOs, but pregnancy definitely made for a lot of those. The knot tee is a fun design too and it works well with these leggings.

    1. I've finally been able to get rid of all my maternity clothes, so much of my closet has been reclaimed!


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