Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Project Runway recap

Every year, I say the same thing: Does anybody actually like the unconventional challenge??? Hate it. I think there should be a big prize and no elimination. Although having the designers work in teams was probably to their advantage with these particular materials.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: Considering this was a team challenge on top of an unconventional challenge, I think the contestants kept it together pretty well. Nobody lost their temper or got overly concerned about themselves vs. the team. Is it possible that these designers don't have raging tempers?

Worst moment: I thought the judging and the critiques of Team Tsunami got pretty ugly. Sentell did nothing but try to help the twins and it bit him in the butt. Can you imagine if he hadn't finished Shawn's look for her? The team would have been in the bottom no matter what, but she would've been out for not finishing. She knew she struggled but she let Sentell take the fall. I don't see how Shawn can stay around much longer.

See all the looks here.

Best look: Deyonte's dress with the slits had a big wow factor, as did the braiding on Samantha's top. Other than that I didn't care for hardly any of these looks. Because they were made of garbage.

Worst look: I guess Sentell's was the most boring. But I call foul on a lot of other designs because THEY WERE MADE OF FABRIC. Last time I checked, vinyl is fabric. Team Ballin' on a Budget used that orange vinyl in their entire collection. How did they get away with that??

Best quote: "Some of these pieces still look like garbage!" --Heidi (shhhh...Heidi. It all looks like garbage.)

Next week: Dance as inspiration.


  1. I'm so sick of these challenges. I get it's much cheaper than Mood budget x 12 designers (or however many), but UGH! Over it.

    I wish he would have let her falter. She's so smug and she pulled out her #victimtears on the runway which ticks me off to no end.

  2. I was waiting for Tim to remind them not to just use stuff that mimicked fabric, and was surprised when that didn't happen.
    Agree on everything else. I am so over the twins.


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