Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Refocusing and Planning for Fall

Did I really say FALL? Seems so far away when right now it's as hot as the surface of the sun. But when I look through my closet, I'm pretty much at critical mass when it comes to summer clothes. I've never shied away from whipping up tank tops. I'm also in that weird transitional phase of post-partum life where my regular clothes don't fit right, and my maternity clothes are both ill-fitting and hive-inducing (get them away from me! I'm not pregnant anymore!). Why not look forward to a time when these things won't be an issue?

I know I've complained about this a lot, but two babies in two years has put a serious dent in my sewing. I've been flipping through my Sewist's Notebook and looking at the projects I planned a year ago, two years ago, and you guessed it, nothing seems right anymore. I look at my fabric stash and wonder what I was thinking. Tastes change.

I have one goal for fall sewing: stashbusting. Making it work. Using up those fabrics that have been sitting for years as I figured out what I like to wear vs. what I like to buy (hint: boring old solids that are high quality get way more love around here). If I have a secondary goal, it's to make simple projects that can be completed quickly. Dolman tops, easy skirts, that kind of thing. I barely have time to drink a cup of coffee, much less sew a complicated garment.

The fabrics that have been hanging out the longest are either striped, or have some crazy print. The stripes will become dolman tops because it means I won't have to set in sleeves or do much besides match side seams. I have three on deck: New Look 6216 (made before here in an epic fail), Simplicity 1463 (one view made before here in an epic win) and a new pattern, Style Arc's Ginger top. Using patterns I've made before will save me time in assembly and alterations.

If you're interested in helping me stashbust, check out my second Instagram account with fabrics I'm looking to sell. These beauties need new homes since they're not getting much love around here.

Are you planning for fall yet? Make sure you don't lose track of your ideas, and snag yourself a Sewist's Notebook. This week, save 15% AND get free shipping! Use code SHIPSAVE16 at checkout.

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  1. It's 112 here at 5 p.m. I want to sew for cooler weather, but can't make myself even think about short sleeves, let alone long sleeves. :-/


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