Thursday, July 14, 2016

Post-partum Review of Simplicity 1469

A few months ago I wrote a review of Simplicity 1469, which is a maternity/nursing pattern that is supposed to do double-duty. Ideally, it can be worn during pregnancy and also after baby arrives. Well, baby #3 is here (finally! a week late!) so I thought I'd give this top another try.

When I googled this pattern or looked at reviews, I didn't find a single photo of someone wearing it post-partum. My guess is that new moms are just too busy to blog about a garment after baby arrives, not that this pattern is particularly bad for after pregnancy. In fact, I'm quite pleased with how it looks compared to other stuff I have in my closet.

In these photos I'm five days post-partum, with the lovely no-longer-a-baby-bump and giant nursing boobs. Basically, a lumpy mountain range. I think the cut of this top, combined with a busy, colorful pattern, is doing a lot for me. In a solid color the lumps would be more obvious, but you can't help feeling cheery in this print. When I was pregnant I felt like this top was a bit tent-ish, but seeing it on the other side I'm so glad I made one. I wish I would have taken it to the hospital with me to wear home!

One downer: it was washed with a swimsuit and the dye bled, even though I had already prewashed the suit alone. So now it looks like I tried some stupid tie-dye effect on the blue part. Waaaaah. At the very least, I can wear this shirt around the house and feel more put-together than I would in sweats and a baggy tshirt.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, baby spam! We ended up having another girl, which makes three. That means all my lovely girl clothes I've made over the years get to stay in rotation, yay! And here she is, Baby M.


  1. She is darling and you look great! This seems like a very practical top for postpartum and nursing, I wore similar style tops with my babies and really loved them.

  2. Congratulations! I have 3 girls too! I love it!

  3. Congratulations what a little cutie. You look great in that top and fabulous for 5 days. Love to you all K xXx

  4. What a cutie! Congratulations. I hope everyone is healthy. You look great in the top.

  5. Congratulations on the new addition to your family; she is so very adorable. That last shot's a keeper for certain! Best wishes to everyone; you look FABULOUS!!!

  6. Congratulations! I also have three girls and, like you, the last two were back to back. Not only do the clothes work but so do the toys and room decorating. My girls are grown now and still a close knit trio. Enjoy :-)

  7. I liked 1469 pp, too! My only gripe is the nursing access - I can't remember how you finished those holes, but next time I will do an overlock stitch with elastic to finish them off. The holes are too small and not stretchy with the coverstitch.

    1. Yes, I agree. I finished mine with a coverstitch but it's still not stretchy enough :(

  8. Loving the bright colours and it's nice to see it works post pregnancy. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, she's beautiful.

  9. Congratulations on Baby #3! Hope you are all well!


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