Monday, February 22, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

I watched this week's episode without my 4 year old, so unfortunately I have no silly impersonations to report. Unless you count Baby H (9 months old) walking as awkwardly as the models on the "windway".

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: I think a "windway" was a good idea but it didn't end up as cool as the rainway.

Worst moment: So. Much. Chiffon. I wish there had been more variety in the designs. Everybody went the same direction. Or rather, the same two directions, either a cape or a feature I like to call "wrap fabric around it".

Best looks: Sam's and Kini's were my two favorites. Kini's, however, was only successful on the bottom half. I agreed with the judges, the belt was weird (when was the last time you saw any black in a sunset?). The lace looked like it belonged on a different dress. Sam's whole story about the woman in a convertible worked, and I think it was Issac who said that it was the only garment that looked good standing still. I think he deserved the win.

Worst looks: I was very surprised by the looks that were in the bottom. I mean, it's kind of telegraphed because of who the show focuses on leading up to the runway, but still. Mitchell's was way ugly and weird (what was with the loops?). When Ken's dress came out my immediate reaction was to think how restricted the poor girl looked. Alexander's cape was awesome, but what was underneath was so disappointing. Valerie was in the top but I agreed with whoever it was that said it looked like a prom dress (probably had a lot to do with the styling).

Best quote:
Daniel: "Are you done Kini?"
Kini: " I just have to dye it."
Daniel: "Dye it? Dye it!?"

Overall, I was disappointed with this runway show. I didn't see much deep-thinking in the designs, it was all chiffon and gowns. The models looked uncomfortable. Good idea that didn't work out. Fade's design wasn't the worst but his looks are weird and he's never going to win, so why not say goodbye now, right? I'm glad Sam won but I hope he can tone down his arrogance a notch.

Next week: Probably an unconventional challenge and a good opportunity to eliminate Mitchell.


  1. True LOL about Mitchell. Poor guy, why did they even get his hopes up by having him on PR? I can barely remember any of the dresses, that should tell you something.

  2. I couldn't believe that Daniel wasn't in the bottom...his dress was hideous! At least Fade had a bit of a vision...and he's so nice, I just felt bad for him.


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