Saturday, February 13, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Woohoo more Project Runway! Yes, it's All Stars, but that's okay. This is just what I need in my winter doldrums to help get me into my sewing room. Will you be watching?

Spoilers ahead...

A word about these contestants: I'm happy with them! For once! Usually All Stars is at least half throwaways, but I genuinely feel like these are all contenders, which is a nice change. I don't even mind the inclusion of contestants from Under the Gunn (you can check out my recaps using the tag in the sidebar), since I watched that show and Sam and Asha are both talented.

Best moment: I thought it was pretty hilarious when both non-eliminated designers came back and said they weren't out. On regular PR people are actually happy when their "friends" get to stay, but these designers were obviously annoyed. I would be too, honestly! I also laughed when Ken interviewed that peplums were his signature, and then Zanna said they were "so 2005". Have I mentioned I hate peplums?

Worst moment: Alyssa Milano and Georgina Chapman both hurt my eyes with their outfits during the runway show. A garbage bag and a flower garden? I was confused. Zanna's outfit during critiques was wacked out, but at least it was pretty and interesting. Also, what was with ALL THAT BLACK on the runway?

Best look: I have a regular favorite, and then a favorite of the all-black looks. My overall favorite was Emily's oversized blanket coat. That might be because I'm pregnant and it's super cold outside. It's kind of a dream garment for my demographic. It was simple but interesting and well-executed. Alexander's was my favorite of the sad all-black looks. It was beautiful and I thought better than Ken's.

Worst look: Well, Daniel's wasn't even a look. Asha's wasn't original in the scope of this challenge (how could she use pleather with Stella the Leather Queen in the same room?). I didn't hate Mitchell's, at least there was whimsy instead of a funeral vibe.

In my opinion Daniel should have gone home. I'm sure he was spared because he was literally the first designer out ever (in season 1) and was out quickly in season 2 (fourth). Obviously he's not good at Project Runway and I think the judges had pity on him.

And for those of you who remember my daughter's enjoyment of the show last season (Instagram) you'll be happy to hear she's keeping up now. Once she realized what we were watching, she grabbed a blanket, sat down, and pretended to sew it. Then she threw it on a not-so-willing model (our 100lb German Shepherd) and said they were going down to the runway. And yes, it was so cute I almost died.

Next week: Not sure, but sometime this season there will be naked people?


  1. I sort of knew PRAS was on and then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! I might just read your recaps instead of watching it, though!

  2. Georgina was not introduced as beautiful or gorgeous, I was so disappointed.
    I also was hoping Alyssa Milano would be dressed better this season, but alas, so far, no.
    Oh wait, the designers! I agree about the line up, especially Emily & Fade.


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