Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Runway recap

Only a few more episodes to go of the most forgetable PR ever. Should we be concerned that they've tapped the market of talented people willing to go on this show?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: A red carpet challenge! Like avant garde, this is a challenge that everyone should be able to do. It's a pretty basic fashion design lesson. 

Worst moment: Tell me if I'm imagining it, but was Candice being a little condescending towards Ashley? Like, you do RTW so go home. She had this mean little smirk on her face every time she was talking about Ashley.

Best garments: I was cool with Kelly's but I wasn't into the color, it was kind of dull. I can't believe she did all that appliqué in a day.

Worst garments: Everyone should watch this show with a 3 year old. Especially the runway portion. When Edmond's look came out, she said "Who made that?! She has wings!"

I disliked Ashley's and I really thought she'd be in the bottom. This is not the first time she's made a poorly fitted corset. Maybe she should stop doing that.

Candice's was safe and boring, but very well made. And I'm with Ashley, it's another black dress. Blah. And no, one red dress (last week) that would have been the same in black does nothing for me.

Best quote: "I made it sound like it's my's not my deli!" --Kelly

Okay, let's talk about the ending. Did "they" (Lifetime? the producers?) think we wouldn't notice that the show just weirdly ended? That we can't guess that Tim comes out and uses his save on Edmond (who deserves to be saved, btw)? That was so bizarre. Edmond IS going to be saved, right?

Next week: Home visits!


  1. I'm surprised they didn't make Ashley & Edmond battle it out in one of those weird one-hour on-stage challenges. But yeah they even used different music when they said goodbye to Edmond than they do anyone else, and they didn't show the moment when Tim comes in the back room to say goodbye, so it seems pretty clear that he'll be saved. I hope so because I like him as a person.

    1. Yeah you're right, that does seem like something they would do. I also like Edmond, I like his tenacity and drive. He deserves to show at fashion week!

  2. I am thinking yes, Edmond is saved. Tim didn't send him to the workroom. Of course, they may WANT us to think that, haha! It was a super odd ending. I want Kellyfromthedeli to win.

    You know, I really want to like Candice, after hearing her rough background, but she is so unkind and elitist, it's impossible.

    I was rolling my eyes at Edmond, what was he thinking? The wings! It looked like what has been called a "club" dress. Sigh.

    Yeah, Ashley's was not great.


    1. Yes, I also wanted to like Candice because she has overcome such a tough background. But she is definitely being unkind, that is the right word.

      Club dress! Spot on.

  3. Where have you been all season?! Candice is a complete jerk! And it only makes her bland or bondage-y black dresses more meh. I knew she would make it to the end but I hope she does not win. Ugh.

    I'm almost certain that Edmond gets saved!

    Did anyone else think Ashley would play with that reverse of the sequins?? Like, I was thinking "make a design" or something!?!

    1. Okay, you're smarter than me, I'm just now seeing Candice's mean side! Let's hope she's a gracious loser when Kelly beats her :)

      Edmond and Ashley both picked "oooohhh shiny" fabrics then couldn't do anything with them. I feel like that allllll the time myself!


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