Monday, October 19, 2015

Project Runway recap

Did anyone else know that Tim Gunn does a voice on the kids' show Sophia the First? Last week, my daughter was watching cartoons and all of a sudden I hear Tim's voice. So weird! Guess he's gotta pay the bills for all those months that PR isn't on TV ;)

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: This is my favorite part of the show, when there are so few designers that you get to see everyone. Wouldn't it be cool if they had a show with only 5 designers, and nobody got eliminated, they just won points or something every week? I'd watch it.

My husband has done quite a bit of work with 3D printers, so it was cool to see it in action in a fashion sense. That's not an application I had thought of during all our conversations about it. I guess I'm not creative enough :P

Worst moments: It made me sad to see Merline fail at a challenge that should have worked for her. Pretty much what happened to Ashley last week. Other than that, this was a decently enjoyable episode.

Best garments: The mask definitely helped keep it avant garde, but I liked Edmond's. The cool thing about Kelly's bridge dress is that you could remove the "panniers" and it would be suitable for a regular runway show. So while I wasn't in love with it, I thought it was creative and I was proud of her for taking a risk.

Worst garments: I had a very bad reaction to Ashley's cape. Maybe it was the color, or the fact that the whole thing was one color, but I thought it screamed "superhero" rather than "avant garde". All of these designs (with the exception of Kelly) were BORING. Avant garde? Yeah right. I feel like a broken record.

Best quote: "If I could do a backflip and then a moonwalk, I would." --Merline

This was the last chance for these designers to prove they aren't the worst, and they failed. Let's just get this season over with, shall we?

Next week: Red carpet! Finally!

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