Saturday, August 22, 2015

Project Runway recap

So what is a celebrity cruise? A cruise full of celebrities, or a cruise where they treat you like a celebrity?

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: It was refreshing that Joseph confronted Merline about the challenge started. Usually people just bottle that up. But it did kind of turn tyrannical rather than cooperative. Then downright nasty. Perhaps he doesn't realize that many people thrive on their own nervous energy for creative purposes?

Gaaaaah Laurie and her daughter in the outtakes. All the feels.

I actually really liked this challenge. Lots of structure to the rules but still open to however the designers wanted to do things. 

Worst moment: How did Merline, a designer who has shown nothing but structured garments, get stuck draping a cape? And Hanmiao was making a swimsuit from non-stretch cotton? 

Best garment: Swapnil and Laurie's design was so pretty, and it looked like something a rich tourist would wear, while still being fun. Their's was the only one I liked, although I give honorable mention to the back of Blake and Kelly's Elvis jumpsuit.

Worst garment: There was a lot of bad. All the bottom looks plus Lindsey and Jake. I have to say, I take Jake's side. If Lindsey had a problem with him calling her "sweetie" then she should have told HIM, not the judges. I think his explanation on the runway made sense. He took a back seat and they ended up in the top. Edmond and Hanmiao fought and ended up in the bottom. Who made the best decision?

Best quote: "I need a cigarette!" --Edmond
"I need a cigarette too!" --Hanmiao 

Candice and Ashely's win...meh. Whatever, it was fine. One of those "I don't like it but somebody else will". Hanmiao being out, predictable. 

Next week: I'm not really sure!


  1. Making a swimsuit out of non-stretch fabric is almost as crazy as making a dress out of Hallmark cards...oh wait.... :)

    Swapnil and Laurie's design should have won.

    Hanmiao is talented and should have stayed a bit longer.

    I liked the Elvis jumpsuit too!

  2. Joseph is a jerk and I hope he goes home soon. He's a jerk who creates grandma outfits.

    People are raving over that jumpsuit but MEH. All the meh's!

    In the discussion ( of PR on PR! LOL!) on Pattern Review someone commented on how "poorly the men were treating their women partners". MEH!!!!!! Laurie was super.duper.annoying!

    She could've nipped all that in the bud by just stating to him DO NOT call me pet names. Call me Laurie!

    Although I don't think he was intending to be demeaning. I think it was more "girl/chile/honey/sweetheart". Which, I despise being called "Hun" by people so I get it. But she could've SAID something!


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