Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink Lace Swimsuit

This suit. Is everything. Every now and then, one of those projects comes along, one that keeps you awake at night. One that makes you ignore all your responsibilities (sorry family, pizza delivery for dinner again). For me, this swimsuit is the first intensive project I've had in a year and it totally owned me a for week.

I just noticed my skin is the same color as this wall haha!

I've had this neon pink nylon lace (from Mood, sold out in pink but available in other colors) for months. It's textured, and decently strong, and did I mention amazing? I knew it was meant to be a swimsuit, especially when I received hot pink swimsuit fabric from Fabric Mart that matched perfectly. I've been agonizing over what pattern to use. I wanted something with color-blocking or seaming, because I was intrigued by the idea of using the lace without a lining in certain areas. 

When August's Seamwork landed in my inbox, I was immediately drawn to the swim bottoms (the Dakota pattern). It had seaming on the sides so I could incorporate that peek-a-boo factor, and the back was cut with a decent amount of coverage. I was a bit daunted by the swim top (the Reno pattern) but I thought I could make it work. And of course, I gave myself a deadline, which was an annual family cookout/pool party. Hence the sewing mania.

I did finish the suit in time for the party (literally tying up loose ends in the car on the way) but then the fabric ended up bleeding pink dye, even though I prewashed. Hence why these photos are in my house and not at the pool.

I did use a double-layer of lace on the side panels of the swim bottoms, without lining, although it's hard to see the effect.

I'll talk more about fitting and modifications next week (underlining, underwires, shortening the rise, failed FBAs...on and on!). For now, I just want to bask in my own accomplishment. I made this, a hey-look-at-me hot pink swimsuit. I wore this, a lacey bikini (12 weeks postpartum). I posted pictures of myself on the internet, on purpose. Clothes are empowering. Sewing is empowering. If you're reading this blog and you don't sew, you can learn. I did. If you're reading this blog and you do sew, use those skills. Make your own clothes and feel amazing in them. I will forget the hair-pulling and under-the-breath cursing that happened while I worked on this suit, and how angry I was at my body for not fitting the suit (rather than being angry at the suit for not fitting my body). But I will never forget the way the finished, fitted product makes me feel. The way my own abilities, and the work of my hands, makes me feel.

You got this mamas.

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  1. 12 weeks post-partum? You look banging, girl!

  2. You look amazing!!! I love the suit!

  3. You look awesome! I am 10 weeks postpartum and would like to feel as confident as you look in your suit. Very nice fit, too!

    1. And of course, I was working on a dress today and feeling totally self-conscious about my pooch! :P

  4. Wonderful post, Ms.Self Taught! Beautiful suit.

    1. Now to figure out the bleed issue so I can wear it!

  5. Great job! I love projects that propel me out of a slump! I would be really interested to see how those bottoms would function as undies. I guess I am kinda Granny but I actually like my bum to be covered by undies!


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