Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

Did anyone keep a count of how many times the word "iconic" was said in this episode? If I weren't pregnant, that would have made a great drinking game.

Highlights: Finally, Helen could say "this IS what I do" instead of "this is NOT what I do". Although we did have to hear Sanjia say "pencil skirt" AGAIN.

Not gonna lie, the fabrics that the designers bought made me swoon a bit. Mood has some seriously beautiful fabrics.

Hahahaha Dmitry not knowing who Lassie is was hilarious, although I felt bad for him being allergic. The entire sideshow with the dogs was ridiculous, of course, but I've come to expect that from this season.

Lowlights: One day for a red carpet challenge. Boo.

Why does Helen have such a hard time realizing that her designs are old? She's young. Why aren't her garments young? She seriously gets in her own way.

Best garment: Michelle's really was stunning, although I can't imagine the see-through factor working out well at the Oscars. Too many flashbulbs.

Worst garment: I immediately wanted to look away from Sonjia's dress. It was so bad to me. Timeless?!? It might have been better with a ballgown skirt, but that tight, long pencil skirt did not appeal to me.

Dmitry and I guess Sonjia deserve a spot in the finale. I haven't loved much of what Sonjia has done, but most of the time it's at least innovative. I guess I would have been fine with either Michelle or Helen. They both had some hits and misses, though Michelle should have been eliminated immediately for not meeting the requirements of the mini-challenge.

Next week: The finale! A collection in four days...I hate this.

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