Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

I think it says something about this season that I almost always forget it's on TV. My DVR does all the heavy lifting, of course, but then I'm not too jazzed to sit down and watch. There have been many weeks where I thought the challenges were interesting but the designers didn't live up to them. This was one of those weeks.

Highlights: Marchesa. Drooooooool. I always thought I'd want a fairly plain wedding dress, but then when I got engaged I definitely gravitated towards lace and beading and bling. Gorgeous.

I thought there would be a LOT more complaining about sewing a bridesmaid's dress. If there was and it got cut, oh well.

Lowlights: I thought the underwater swimsuit fabric was stupid...a "wedding" on the runway was even worse. So. Dumb.

A budget of $150. If I can easily spend that on a polyester dress in Indiana, then how were these designers supposed to make something amazing with the same budget? Stupid. I've ordered a swatch of that silk jersey from Mood (link), and it's $50/yard. Frankly, I don't know how Sanjia managed.

Best garment: I didn't like any of them. I would love to say that with two days and more money, the designers could have done better, but I'm not so sure. Seriously, they need to give these guys a break halfway through because the show itself suffers. The drama of watching someone cry is not worth seeing crappy dresses.

Worst garment: They were all bad. Boring, poorly fit, and even though she won Helen's was more of a mother-of-the-bride design than bridesmaid. By the way, shouldn't it be acknowledged that the bridesmaid is required to NOT look as good as possible?

I found Georgina's judging to be fascinating this week. She talked a lot about "resolving" the designs, as if they were math problems with right and wrong answers. I understood Alyssa's point that sometimes it's a matter of preference, but Georgina is right. There are rules of good design, and if you're going to break them it should be for a good reason. Next time I'm stuck on one of my own projects, I'll try looking at it as if it's an equation and see what that does for me!

Next week: dogs pooping on the floor?


  1. As usual, I agree. And I turned it off before the runway wedding. Gah.

    1. It was SO. BAD. Plus AB stood in front of the TV and blocked the only thing I wanted to see, the Marchesa gown!


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