Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know how Michelle felt in this week's episode? Like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die? That was me for the last five days. Not good for the week before Christmas. I was wrapping my husband's presents and when I got to the last one I just left it in a plain box and slapped a tag on it. Fail.

Highlights: I think I finally figured out why Alyssa Milano looks so weird every week: she's wearing heels. I don't think heels do anything helpful for a maternity silhouette (not to mention being dangerous). Yes, this discovery counts as a highlight because it solved a mystery for me!

But she redeemed herself with her tears during elimination. She seems sweet.

Lowlights: Okay, menswear. I have zero sympathy for designers who "can't" do menswear. But if they're going to have a menswear component on this show, it's not fair that not everyone is doing it. Especially on a one-day challenge with a client involved.

Samantha's attitude was terrible. She seemed to push menswear on to Michelle and then didn't feel any sympathy for her when she was sick. It was disappointing.

Best garment: I want Dmitry's sweater for me! And Jay's jacket. And Michelle's pants. I guess I have a thing for menswear?

Worst garment: I did not like any of the women's looks and I would not wear any of them on a first date (says the old married woman). I agreed with Isaac that Helen's girl looked pregnant and I also thought it was WAY too short. Justin's was boring, again. Fabio's guy looked like his clothes shrank in the dryer and I did not agree with his win (haha Sonjia in the work room "really?").

With such an unbalanced challenge, in terms of fairness, I'm glad they didn't send anyone home, although it was certainly over-dramatic!

Next week (actually, January 8th): swimsuits!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and I'll catch up with you...later!

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  1. Hands down the men's garments were the BEST. I did not like any of the women's looks.


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