Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars recap

I totally fell off the wagon here with Runway recaps. But never fear, I have been watching! Somehow the holidays have engulfed all my free time, and I'm not even sewing gifts for anyone. I did love last week's episode of All-Stars, with the coats, though I was sad to see Benjamin go. But on to this week!

Highlights: Dmitry even talking about a silk velvet jumpsuit was a highlight for me. *swoon* Dare I try the same thing with the recently-released McCall's pattern? Can you imagine that in silk jersey?!


Lowlights: Gunnar was right, this is the time when everyone starts getting snippy. However, most of the criticism I heard was correct. Even I had my doubts about the pink "brocade" and I was nowhere near it! 

Also, I feel badly for all the people who rolled brocade. It wasn't my first Fear Fabric for nothing!

By the way, "silk" is not a fabric type. It's a fiber. Am I the only one who goes crazy when people talk like that? Am I snob?

Best garment: In loooooove with Dmitry's jumpsuit. And if Sonjia's was a jumpsuit instead of a dress...could have been my favorite piece all season. Wouldn't it be fun to be in shorts instead of a skirt at a bachelorette party?

Michelle's lace design really was incredible, but she always chooses green and shades of chartreuse that nobody can wear. I know that's her thing, woodsy colors, but didn't Nina once say that you will never see green on the cover of a magazine?

Worst garment: Justin's was so boring. And short (again). Helen's was too tight. Helen was right about Jay's, it was not Sunday brunch. But what do I know. Later Gunnar! Thank you for not being too annoying.

Next week: Waaaaaaaaaah everyone cries about doing menswear. Grow. Up.

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  1. Michelle's was puke green and I don't know how anyone can get past the puke green. Seriously, it looked like something that would end up in a 4 month old's diaper.

    I didn't love the gold dress. It was just 'off' in some way for me. And yes, Justin=snoozefest this week.


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