Monday, November 17, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars recap!

I am irrationally irritated by the show Wicked. On the one hand, I never would have heard of the book if not for the musical. On the other, the book is SO much better that I almost feel like the musical is blasphemous. I saw the musical in Chicago probably a decade ago (wow I'm old) and I was severely disappointed. Sorrynotsorry fangirl Gunnar.

Highlights: This is what I like, a good old fashioned simple challenge. And a whopping two days for a "couture-inspired" look. What luxury!

I liked the face-off (despite its origins in a false rivalry between Elphaba and Glinda...who's a fangirl now?). It probably does feel less stressful to compete against one person. And rather than listening to the designers tear down the whole group, they each only compared themselves to one other person.

Was that Gunnar giving Michelle money? Who knew he was so nice!

Lowlights: More gowns. Nobody is making pants or jackets and it's starting to feel like a Miss America pageant every week. The one person who DID make pants (Fabio) was placed in the bottom because of it.

Even though it wasn't shown on screen, I'm sure Helen had a meltdown about being in the bottom for a couture gown challenge. I'm listing it as a lowlight because I know someone had to deal with her whining and I feel sorry for that person.

Best garment: Y'know, none of these lived up to my expectations. Here I am, one day later writing this review, and I can barely bring any of them to mind. I was intrigued by Sonjia's sketch as soon as they showed it, and I thought she deserved the win. It was cool and different, while Dmitry's was merely cool.

Worst garment: My husband liked Chris' dress, but I thought it went way too far into costume. Maybe it's because Halloween wasn't too long ago, but almost all of the wicked looks seemed like costumes. And torn jersey strips? I don't think anyone would call that couture. Sorry Chris. Also, Helen, stop bragging about making ruffles. If you'd done it by hand I'd feel more sympathetic. Oh, and if you didn't make something butt-ugly out of them.

For once both the winner and the loser were pretty clear-cut for me, and the judges agreed. I did miss Georgina this week. Another week and another pair of scary maternity outfits from Alyssa Milano. Now that you all know I'm pregnant it's okay for me to be appalled, right?

Next week: Everyone cries about looooooove. Or maybe they're crying because Nina is there?


  1. Seriously, who is responsible for dressing Alyssa Milano? Her clothes are always soooo hit or miss, it's scary.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that, I was starting to believe I was crazy!

  2. Ha! I told my husband that I hope she has her baby like, today, so we are t subjected to anymore sad looks.

    Same. Same. Same. Sonjia deserved the win. Chris or Helen that was a toss up but I can only imagine they had much higher expectations of Chris and he failed them, miserably.

    1. At least last season when Georgina was pregnant, she just covered herself in feathers and it was hard to tell she was even pregnant :)


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