Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Project Runway preview, continued

Welcome back to part two of my Project Runway season 13 preview! I forgot to mention this last week, but commentor Amy reminded me: in addition to these designers, there will be a "Runway Redemption" contestant brought back from an old season. It will be either Alexander, Amanda, or Ken. If those are my only choices then I'd pick Alexander. I think he was eliminated right before Fashion Week though he deserved to go.

But let's finish off the facts and figures about the rest of the cast!

Kini--Lots of education and experience. He comes from Hawaii so he likely has a different perspective than all the NYC designers. He makes the second designer to list Craigslist as a favorite website (what?!). Has done a lot of cool stuff with denim.

Korina--All designer and not so much workmanship. Anya proved that this is a combination that CAN work...but that depends on your aesthetic. If you're not making maxi dresses every week than you probably can't get by on ideas alone. A lot of her work is asymmetrical, which drives me bonkers.

Kristine--Now this girl I like! Although her work is a bit crazy. Seems realistic about fashion as a business, but that doesn't limit her creatively. And THIS: Fashion must? Fashion as a style: Wear what you are confident about and what expresses your true self.

The Mitchell Perry--Okay, I wanted to dislike this guy because of how he phrases his name (apparently the domain name was already taken), but he won me over with one of his responses to the online Q&A. In case you've never read one of those, the producers always ask the designers what they would design for Michelle Obama. After all these years, I'm so tired of this question. The Mitchel Perry responded with a similar sentiment, that he wouldn't necessarily want to design for her. THANK YOU!

Nzinga--Uh oh, she lists estimating time for garment completion as a weakness. Her designs are very soft and pretty, which always goes over well with the judges. As long as she doesn't get too ambitious with a zillion yards of pleating!

Samantha--It took my approximately 30 seconds to read her entire Q&A, that's how brief she was. Her portfolio was a strange mix of torture devices and easy separates. The only remotely unique thing she said was that she hates open shower curtains. So...there's that.

Sandhya--Watched PR from her native India for years, but only recently could apply due to moving to the states. I respect that a lot, since many contestants don't even watch the show, which irks me. Some of her fabric choices were so colorful that it was hard to make sense of the style lines.

Sean--He lists Uggs as his most-hated fashion faux pas, so we can be best friends. All of the photos in his online bio are of menswear...I hope someone mentioned to him that this show primarily designs for women? Also, he's from New Zealand, so I probably will be so busy listening to his accent that he could design a paper sack and I'd want him to be safe.

Tim--His mom taught him to sew. He says that when he was a kid, if he didn't like his hand-me-downs he was told to alter them to his liking. Ha! Sadly, he has a vest obsession. I hope it doesn't show up in all his designs. His background is mostly in tailoring, so I worry for him if there's an eveningwear challenge.

Between the first batch and this group, does anybody stand out to you? If I have to make a prediction (and you all demanded one, right?) then I'd guess Angela will be first out (or maybe F├Ąde), and my guess for a winner will be Carrie or Emmanuel. Project Runway premieres Thursday night at 9pm/est, and I'll be there with a glass of vino! Check back Friday for the first episode recap!

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