Friday, January 10, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars: The Finale!

I left the house yesterday! What an accomplishment, right? Some places in Indiana ended up cancelling school this entire week, and after being out on the roads I can see why. And of course, after an hour of running errands, I was exhausted and just wanted to come home. #oxymoronproblems

But I was able to snag a bottle of wine for the Project Runway finale! And my husband even took AB into another room so I could watch undisturbed (yes, she's a bit of a night owl). It was so nice to watch an episode without a book being thrown at my head or a toddler screaming into my ear (literally). Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

Korto and Elena's immigrant experiences are really inspiring. I take it for granted to live in a place where other people WANT to go. This was a nice reminder to be grateful for the parts of my life (like where I was born) that happened by chance.

I'm SO excited for Tim's new show starting next week! I've missed Tim. And you know I'll be rehashing it here!

Speaking of people I've missed...Zac Posen. I just want to get coffee and people watch with him.

Things I hated:

Six looks. Four days. Are you kidding me.

What was with Elena's super-short skirts when she was at the UN? She couldn't find something a tad more respectable? Am I an old lady who is nit-picking right now?

Ugggggghhhh I finally decided that I don't like Zanna. When she comes in the room all I feel is a frown on my face and my shoulders sinking. She's depressing.

Favorite garment(s):

After the runway shows, I honestly felt like anyone could win. The garments went by so quickly that I was only left with half-developed impressions, and the impression was that nothing was an overt hot mess. During the judging I was able to study the garments a bit more and come up with some faves: Korto's yellow maxi, Seth Aaron's red coat dress, and Elena's scarf dress. The shoulders/bodice on the maxi dress were particularly well done.

Least favorite garment:

Elena's looks all used the exact same raglan sleeve (I checked). I feel like Elena is inhibited by her own rules. She seems overly preoccupied with making sure her designs fit a certain look. She's SO creative, what could she do if she started breaking her own rules?

I forget which judge said it, but I agreed that Korto's structured designs missed the mark. They looked a bit tortured. And all you people who think Korto should have won, listen to Zac Posen. The hem lines were all different and her "collection" wasn't very cohesive. Sorry Charlie.

Best line of the night:

"My mom used to say this: 'Don't drown in a cup of water.' You're drowning in a cup of water." --Viktor

So Seth Aaron is a double winner! I have to say, back when he won his first season, it was just about the happiest I've been watching a reality TV finale. I like that he always referenced his family when he talked about how important it would be to win. I just plain love him and how beautiful his clothes are (whether or not I'd wear them is irrelevant). What do you think? Was Korto robbed again (by her thinking)?

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