Monday, January 6, 2014

Mend It Monday: shirt cuffs

Not everyone who reads this blog is in my part of the country (or even in my country!) so I thought I'd share what we woke up to today:

The actual air temperature highs are in the negatives. These are the days when I'm very grateful to be a stay-at-home mom. AB and I are armed with new movies, plenty of Christmas toys, and I've got lots of sewing to do during nap time!

My husband (who did go to work today, brrrr!) has been online shopping a lot for clothes, and he sent me a bunch of choices for him for Christmas gifts. I ended up buying him this white button-up (button-down?) shirt from the Gap and he loves it!

I mean really, what won't this shirt go with? He's worn it under sweaters, on its own, all kinds of ways. It fits him well (unusual for RTW) but he did request one simple alteration: adding another button on the cuff.

It was a little loose for his liking. I tell ya what, it was awesome to be working in my sewing room, and have him come in to ask if I could fix his shirt. It felt like I had a little sewing shop and he was a customer. I told him I'd send him a bill.

We debated simply moving the current buttons, but instead decided to look through my button stash and add a second one instead. I guess in case his wrists grow?

You can see my very slight chalk mark where the second button was to go. To determine the right placement, he put the shirt on and I measured with my seam gauge. I think it took longer to look for suitable buttons than it did to sew them on!

I loved being able to customize this RTW shirt for him. Isn't it nice to put your skills to a practical purpose?

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