Friday, May 31, 2013

Me Made May: Week 5

If I had more underwear I could go a month without doing laundry. That was the point of Me Made May, right? To discover a factoid like that?

1. Thurlows! 2. Simplicity 2594 3. Thurlows again! plus unblogged lace back tank

I wore my Thurlows twice because the first time (Saturday) it turned cold, and I had to change into long pants halfway through the day. Love love love those Thurlows. This week was pretty slow for us, I didn't leave the house much, so these clothes definitely skew casual. Notice day 3 (Monday) I wore TWO me-mades. I think this was the first time I've worn a complete outfit that I made (not counting dresses). It was a cool feeling and I'll definitely be working on more separates moving forward.

Photo 1: polo from...somewhere I don't remember
Photo 2: jeans from The Limited
Photo 5: tank from Charlotte Russe
Photo 6: tank from Target
Photo 7: jeans from The Gap

Since this is the last week for MMM, and we have no Project Runway, I'm toying with a few different ideas for what I post about on Fridays. Help me decide! In place of my MMM badge in my sidebar, you'll find a poll with the possibilities. Enter your vote and I promise I will abide by the will of the masses! Here's a brief explanation of the choices:

Pinterest tutorials: I'll take a tutorial found on Pinterest, try it out, and post my success or failure.
Product reviews: I'll review a sewing notion or tool.
Closet evaluation: An overhaul of my closet, what I have, what I need, etc.
Sewing contests: A roundup of any current sewing contests and/or giveaways I can find!

Speaking of the end of MMM, how'd you do with your goal? Let's look back at mine:

I, Beth Byrge of 110 Creations, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear at least one handmade or repurposed item each day for the duration of May 2013.

Aaaaaand I did it! Is that braggy? Sorry. But I'm proud of myself for making it a month in me-made clothing. Although, I can't say I'm sad to go back to some of my RTW stuff. I am sad to not have to take pictures of my outfits every day...not. Remember when saying "not" was cool? It's only a matter of time. It'll come back around, now that my generation is approaching 30 and will soon be desperate for youth again. Er. Today is exactly 10 years since my high school graduation...I think the sheer weight of that thought is crushing my brain.

I know that next year I can set a goal of no repeats and probably make it. Unless it snows for the whole month, which is possible in Indiana. And now for a complete round-up, in case you missed any weeks! (Click the photo to go to that week's post.)

What was Me Made May like for you? Fun? Trouble? Did you make it or have to give it up?

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