Friday, May 24, 2013

Me Made May: Week 4

This day marks the last time you will see any NEW items in my me-made roundup. Starting today, I'm wearing my first repeat outfit. I thought about staying up all night last night and making enough t-shirts to get me to the end of the month...but there's always next year to try for no repeats! Remember, my goal this year, for my first Me Made May, was simply to participate and not wear the same pair of shorts over and over. Without further ado, here's what I wore this week:

1. Nautical blouse 2. Simplicity 2209 3. New Look 6108 (unblogged) 4. T-shirt refashion (unblogged)
5. Upcycled underwear 6. McCall's 6359 (unblogged) 7. Kimono t-shirt

Do you like my cheat day with the underwear? I've been brainstorming ideas for knit dresses and wanted to wear one to get in the spirit, so I wore a RTW dress that day. There are a bunch of unblogged projects here because...frankly...I don't like these items! They fall into the "barely wearable" category for me. But I guess the point of MMM is to push you into wearing all the things you've made, good or bad (sewing karma?). It has definitely worked for me!

I hope everyone has a fantastic three day weekend! 

Photo 1: capris from somewhere I don't remember
Photo 3: Shorts from Old Navy
Photo 4: capris from Old Navy
Photo 5: not pictured: knit dress from Old Navy
Photo 6: jeans from The Gap
Photo 7: jeans from The Limited

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