Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wool Gauze Patina Blouse

I recently posted my Hey June Rosslyn Trousers, while wearing my Patina Blouse, and couldn't believe it when I had no corresponding blog post for the Patina! It's such a great pattern, so here are the deets along with some photos you might have already seen lol. I had a lot of fun playing dress up with this blouse!

Patina Blouse

The Patina Blouse is from Friday Pattern Company. It's one of many of their patterns that I've tried and loved (Wilder Gown, Saltwater Slip, Heather Blazer, Saguaro Set). I don't often wear woven shirts with collars (I'm all about that comfy knit life) but when I'm in the mood for it, nothing else will do.

Patina Blouse

I measured close to a Small in the sizing chart, but decided to make an XS. That's the same size I wear in the Wilder Gown, and I also thought the Patina looks like it had just a touch more ease than I wanted. I'm super happy with the XS! I think a Small would have overwhelmed me a bit and possibly been too low cut.

Patina Blouse

About that IS low on purpose. I don't dislike it, but other people might. So much so that Friday Pattern Co. released an alternate pattern piece and instructions for a raised neckline. Mine is unaltered and as-drafted.

Patina Blouse

The fabric I used is a true unicorn. It's a wool gauze deadstock from Stonemountain & Daughter. It is phenomenal, full stop. Light and airy but warm, soft and cozy but expensive-looking, it is all the things and I adore it. I had a tiny scrap left and I used it for a scarf. 

Patina Blouse

As nice as this fabric is, with the sleeve cap gathers and the double-layered collar it ends up being a little stiff. I would definitely not go any stiffer with fabric choices and would probably gravitate towards fabrics with better drape. You can always use interfacing to stiffen the collar, but you can't relax a fabric for pretty gathers. 

Patina Blouse

I definitely want to make this top again (maybe the long-sleeved version), and there are some super cute collar hacks out there too. And for the record, I can pull this on over my head without undoing the buttons, so don't be afraid to make a totally faux placket if you are a beginner and want to try this pattern.

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