Friday, September 13, 2013

Project Runway reshash!

Spoilers to follow...

What a bad week in reality TV. First the KrisStef brothers get eliminated on America's Got Talent, and now my preseason pick for the winner of Runway is gone. I guess it's time to admit that I don't know everything (just don't tell my husband).

Things I loved:

I enjoyed the Ken/Heidi stare-down on the runway. And that Ken lost the staring contest. I have no doubt that Heidi could take him down in a fight.

Heidi's flight attendant impersonation. Hee.

Things I hated:

Helen's anger over being safe. Her dress was butt ugly. She has a bit of annoying entitlement about her.

And I think it goes without saying that I HATE that Ken is still there. He's been in the bottom FOUR times. I thought it was an unspoken rule that twice in the bottom means you're out. Sigh. And his conversation with his mom didn't make it any better. I wanted to believe he wasn't that explosive in real life...

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

Tim is one of those rare people who can be completely blunt with you, even in a bad way, and you don't hate him for it. He definitely saved Alexandria from herself.

Favorite garment:

I didn't love any of them. Bradon's win (Rate the Runway photos here) was a head-scratcher to me. Most people don't put excessive pleats in plaid for a reason. But considering I've never been in a Belk store, I guess I don't know what I'm talking about! If I had to pick one, it would have been Alexander's, but I'm more in love with the fabric than his design.

Least favorite garment:

Helen's was ugly, but Dom and Ken's were beyond boring. When will the people on this show learn that if you make a silky floor-length dress in a bold color, it's automatically a bridesmaid's dress? If the dresses were short, they would have been MUCH better. Dom's second try was obviously great, but I'm disappointed in her for not using it the first time around.

Best line of the night:

"Do you need a hung?" --Tim
"I need prayers." --Alexandria

Please, PR gods, get Ken off of there next week!! By the way, I'm off to a bachelorette party this weekend, so if you don't hear from me Monday I might still be recovering!


  1. Ken made a comment in the very beginning that I found odd, something about having been in the bottom x-number of times, so he was watching his back as far as the other designers. Like they had anything to do with it? I thought he was going home with his redesign.

    And yes, that stare down had me laughing - Heidi was not backing down at ALL.

    Have fun!

    1. I pretty much zone out during the little interviews, they always say the same things over and over ("the competition is fierce!" "go big or go home" etc.). You're right, that doesn't make any sense! I guess Ken's redesign DID have more design to it than Jeremy's, but seriously. He's been in the bottom 4 times for a reason! Send them both home!

  2. I was also disappointed to see the KrisStef brothers leave. They were funny this week. It's disappointing to see so many singers make it to the finals when there are tons of singing shows on tv.

    I dislike Ken. It's hard to believe he can be in the bottom so often but they still keep him around. His outfit might have been better this week but I thought they took the entire season into consideration when they eliminated someone.

    I don't like Alexandria. I didn't like Kate on the previous season but I like her now.

    Helen's model had a hard time walking in her dress. She was taking tiny steps.

    1. I almost wish they would ban singers from AGT for one season! You're right, there are plenty of other singing shows.


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