Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Knot Thread Stitch

I hope you're not tired of embroidery yet! Last week I reviewed a great book that covered the basics. Since then, I've been reading Knot Thread Stitch, which takes all of the basics to new places.

The subtitle for the book is "Exploring Creativity through Embroidery and Mixed Media". The subtitle appealed to me because sometimes I have issues seeing how a new (to me) skill can be applied in different ways. The cool thing about this book is that there are a few different versions of each project. There is a basic idea (for example, tea towels) that is taken a few steps further with an "Artist's Version".

It's a bit like browsing through a Flickr pool and seeing many versions of the same pattern. It's inspiring and cool to see new interpretations.

There is a wide range of projects in this book, including embroidered buttons, finger puppets, and one of my favorites, an embroidery portrait.

If you're new to embroidery like me, you'll appreciate how this book thinks outside the box. It's also full of beautiful photos. I must be a kid at heart, because I still like looking at pictures :)

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