Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sewing Project: Butterick 5606

I had a dream last night that I was on Project Runway. And I was the first one eliminated. Right before I woke up, my last impression is that I was sitting in the workroom, alone, sewing the Thurlows that I'm working on right now. I didn't make it down to the runway and had no garment to show, for the first time in Project Runway history. Duuuuuuude. Somebody has issues!! And my Thurlows aren't even going that badly!

I hope I can put that out of my mind later today when I work on those shorts some more, but for now, how about an EASY, fun tunic?

This is Butterick 5606. I bought it during a 5/$5 sale at Jo-Ann's, so give me a break on how unimpressive it looks. It's a tank dress with ties on the sides to give you a multi-wear dress. If you want to know the truth, I bought it only for the tank dress pattern pieces. I already have an infinity dress (unblogged but seen here in my week 1 Me Made May roundup) and that's not the type of thing that you need multiples of in your wardrobe. Also, the ties on my infinity dress drive me nuts. So, with my two pattern pieces in hand, I whipped out a mini-tank dress in about two days, which is pretty good time for me. Uninterrupted, you could finish this in 2 hours.

It's a little short.

The pattern called for about 3-4 more inches than the 36 that I had, so that's why I'm calling it a mini-dress. I can wear it with tights or capris and it works great.

Day 1 of Me Made May.

I LOVE this fabric. It's got feathers and neon and it's just wonderful. As usual, I only had a yard and wanted to make a top from it (and I certainly could have done so by cutting it off and hemming it shorter) but I decided to go all-out with it. It's such a fun print, I figured I might as well own it.

It's kind of an A-line shape from top to bottom, so it benefits from a belt to give more definition. It can be worn forwards or backwards, giving me two options for the neckline (one is more of a V, and the other a scoop neck).

The neckline(s) and armholes are finished with a narrow hem. I tried to use some chartreuse binding (leftover fabric from my Kimono Dress) on the neckline, instead of the narrow hem, and it was a total disaster. I ended up making it more like a facing. It's only one one side (the "back") so it's helpful, because now at a glance I can tell which way is "front".

I've been looking for a reliable knit tank top pattern and this one is exactly what I wanted. No frills, nothing fancy, just great for those wardrobe staples. And if I ever decide to make a multi-wear dress with it, you know I'll share!



  1. Just the kind of dress everyone needs. Thanks for reviewing it, and I LOVE your dog! :-)

    1. Thank you! We love him too : ) There's nothing like a German Shepherd!


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