Friday, May 17, 2013

Me Made May: Week 3

Coffee. Must drink all the coffee. It's a good thing I didn't have TOO much fun last night during The Office finale. Bright and early this morning tree trimmers started working across the street. Any hopes of a peaceful morning of recovery flew into the woodchipper. And The Office? Perfect. Completely perfect and better than I hoped it would be. My husband even got me an Office finale present, which was even more perfect and wonderful than the episode. I heart him.

This week I'm hitting the end of my me-mades and will definitely start repeating next week. I made it more than halfway without repeats and that's better than I thought! Or maybe I've made more clothes than I realized...

4. New Look 6097 5. Unblogged men's shirt refashion 6. Ombre dress 7. Yoga skirt

This week was challenging, as I was running out of things to wear. The weather was all over the place, from the 50's to the 80's, and I had a funeral to attend as well. Time to do a load of all me-made laundry (how cool!) and get ready to restyle it all for the rest of the month!

Photo 1 with jeans from Old Navy.
Photo 2 with leggings from TJ Maxx.
Photo 3 with shirt from Target.
Photo 5 with shorts from Old Navy.
Photo 7 with tank top from Old Navy (it says "time for a hug-o-war" haha!).

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