Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May: Week 1 and bonus! Project Runway reunion recap

Two recaps for the price of one! But before I get to that...can we just talk about The Office for a second? I'm so in denial about it ending. It was keeping me awake last night. This is my show, and last night's episode hit me hard. Dwight and Jim becoming friends? Angela and Oscar bonding? Andy singing Sarah McLachlan? Bawling. I'm upset just thinking about it. I'm going to need an Orange-vod-juice-ka (or five) to get through the series finale.

The Project Runway reunion was delightfully painful to watch. Michelle looked like she had her eye on the emergency exit and was thinking about dropping a lit match in a trash can. I'm glad she was getting grief for how mean she was. And nice excuse, "it's more about humor..." *crickets*

I wish Samantha would have stayed around longer. I want to be her friend. We can walk around and wear bold lipstick together.

Also, I'd forgotten half these people existed.

Are you having fun with Me Made May? I'm enjoying it so far! Here is my weekly recap of what I've worn (please excuse the photos...once I get my new camera cord I'll take photos of me actually in the clothes...):

1. Unblogged tank dress 2. Voile Sorbetto 3. Jersey Simplicity 2594

Three days down, twenty-eight to go! Happy weekend!

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