Monday, May 20, 2013

Mend It Monday: Sewing on a Button

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It's starting to be hot around here these days. I can't wait for some kiddie pool time with AB. There's also a free splash pad at a park nearby, I think we'll be spending lots of time there this summer. I guess I need to get on that swimsuit project I have planned for myself! Maybe I should practice by sewing one for AB, like the Coney Island Tankini from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. I kinda like that design for me!

Today I have another quick mending project. A few weeks ago ( was probably months ago) I lost a button on one of my favorite shirts.

It's a poly/spandex knit blouse from Target, and it's sooooo comfortable. I used to wear this to work when I felt like being a bum, but wanted to look like a cute young professional. The top button was the one that fell off:

I might have worn it without the button, but it's already a low-cut top, so I didn't want to push the issue. I was surprised that the button was even loose. The fabric is so stretchy that I usually pull it over my head, I never use the buttons! Anyhow, this is a quick fix and I feel silly for leaving it in the mending pile for so long.

The button is a shank button, not a regular flat button. These types are actually easier to sew back on than a "regular" button. I found some matching cotton thread in my stash and went to work.

For some reason I always end up using cotton thread for mending. Cotton thread isn't as strong as polyester thread (which is what I use in my sewing machine) but it's much softer. I like the softness when I sew by hand.

Finding the right spot to sew this back on was easy, because the old thread hole was still visible. The buttonholes are vertical, so I laid the button on the fabric with the shank vertical as well. A few quick stitches through the shank, into the fabric, and back, and it was done!

Quick and easy, and this shirt is saved!

As I'm writing this post, AB and I are watching Sesame Street, and they spent 10 minutes trying to get Oscar the Grouch to say "buttons". I felt like I was doing something wrong by typing it over and over again with that in the background!

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