Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sewing Project: Winter PJs

I know I keep harping on the lingering winter weather...but it's really bumming me out. It's almost April and there's snow on the ground (okay, small patches, but still). My prediction is that we'll skip spring, and all of a sudden it will be 95 degrees. I wouldn't complain about that, but I'm ready for it to happen already!

But since it's still about we talk Winter PJs? This pattern is from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop, and I've sewn it up twice for AB.

Pattern available here.

This is a great "blank slate" pattern without too much fuss. As you can see, the lines are simple so the fabric gets to shine, and there is a lot of variety with different fabric choices. And with cuffs on the sleeves and ankles, instead of hemming, you can sew them up in no time!

This version features a lightweight cotton jersey with ice cream cones. This is one of those fabrics that was too cute to resist buying, but is something I would never personally wear. Thank goodness for a cute little girl! 

The sleeves are a solid white interlock that were cut from an old blanket (I got a LOT of blankets at AB's baby shower, but she can't stand sleeping with anything on her!). The cuffs are a rib knit that I upcycled from a shirt of mine that didn't fit anymore. How fun is that, three different knits in one outfit?

This version is made with a cotton thermal knit.

When my sister saw the photo of AB wearing these, she said she wanted a version for herself! The cuffs here are also a thermal knit from an old shirt of mine. My husband really likes thermal knits on AB, and I would like to work with them more often. They're warm, and I didn't find them any different than sewing with other kinds of knits.

Both versions pictured are in the 12 month size (these photos are from this past fall). AB has grown out of the shirts (actually...her HEAD has grown out of the shirts!) but we're still using the pants, probably not for much longer, though.

Current photo. Awesome glow-in-the-dark 
shirt from AB's great-grandma.

I'm debating whether or not to make up a few more in the 18 month size, or to try waiting out this stupid weather. Perhaps there will be some Summer PJs in her future, instead!

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