Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

Guess what! My fabric from Mood came this week! If you recall, my husband gave me a very generous gift card for Valentine's Day. It was so much fun shopping online and picking out whatever I wanted. And is there anything better than waiting for UPS??

I'm excited about all of these fabrics, and the majority are already destined for certain patterns. One thing I wasn't expecting was how generous Mood would be in their cutting. In some cases, I received almost a half yard more than I ordered. Every single piece had a little bit extra. It's crazy! Even my one yard of purple grosgrain ribbon was longer than 36". Hear me shouting "thank you Mood!". My favorite is definitely the poly knit. The picture on Mood's website, and my picture above, don't do it justice. It's textured and does not feel like polyester at all. The wool jersey is for a wrap dress (wearable muslin finished this week, can't wait to blog about it next week!) but it is a TAD itchy. Just enough that I'm afraid I may not wear it without a lining. So stay tuned for details on lining a wrap dress...just as soon as I figure out how : )

And now on to Project Runway. Man, I thought my birthday last week made me feel old. This prom episode was just as bad. I hated everything the judges liked, and I liked everything the judges hated. Did anyone else think it was pretty stupid to have a prom competition when two of the judges had never been?? Cue entrance of prom pictures of my own:

Junior prom.

Senior prom.

Photos have been highly edited/cropped due to people in them not being my husband : ) Also, the pink dress from my senior prom (it's actually coral) is my favorite piece of clothing I own. Ever. If I could wear it every day, I would. Take note, Heidi and Nina.

I thought the new mix of teams was interesting. I loved what Stanley said about wanting to work with Layana in order to learn something new. That's an unexpected bonus to this season with the team competition, I think the designers are forced to stretch each week. You don't see any Vens making the same rose motif over and over and over. Sadly for Stanley, Layana's whining surely must have gotten on his nerves. It grated on me and I only watched it on TV for two seconds.

When the designers did their show for the high school students, I thought for sure that Patricia and Samantha's dress would get KILLED. It looked the most like duct tape, it was downright weird, and it was so poofy that you couldn't even have a date stand next to you for pictures (and c'mon, you spend half of prom having your picture taken, so how would that work out?). When Heidi revealed that this dress received the most student votes, I pretty much gave up critiquing. Obviously I know nothing about prom anymore. Especially because Richard and Daniel's was by far my favorite. It was cute, flirty, and I did like the underarm lacing because it was different. And no, I did not go to prom in the eighties!

It was nice to have Zac Posen back this week. It was doubly nice to see him fight with Nina. I vote for a Zac/Nina cage match!

The double elimination of Tu and Kate was hard to watch. Kate did nothing in her interviews besides go on and on about how easy it was to boss Tu around, yet she said NOTHING about being sorry for getting him eliminated. If I were Tu, I would not have been quite so gracious, so good for him. I will miss his silly phrasing that makes no sense. And Michelle's win? Meh. Hated their dress, and Michelle's 80's rocker vibe is surely going to be the thing that gets her eliminated at some point. Possibly next week in their apparent menswear challenge. We'll see. Happy weekend everyone!

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