Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

Wow, we're getting down to the nitty gritty with contestants! Looking at the group in Lord & Taylor, you realize how few people are left. Quite frankly, I'm surprised by a few of them, and I'm not so sure there's an obvious winner.

I'd say this is the first episode where the team structure is really annoying me. Grudges are lingering, and it's starting to be more about drama than clothes. This is the time in the season (when the contestants are whittled down) that it's typically the opposite. Can we go to singles now?

For a ready-to-wear/production challenge, aren't the designers supposed to have a consult with a pricing specialist? I always find that aspect interesting, and I was sad that it wasn't touched on at all. Guess they ran out of time since they had to show us the Richard/Layana and Stanley/Patricia drama.

This challenge was sort of blah, but when they were talking about the rose theme, my first thought was "where's Ven?!". And that's now the second time I've mentioned him, and he's not even on this season.

I'm over Layana. I liked her print and her dress, but her attitude is such a downer. I do give her some class points for her runway statement that she wouldn't like to see a collection from Richard, rather than going the same route as last week and attacking his character (not creative, making excuses, etc.). I guess she saves that stuff for her interviews.

I agreed with the judges that Michelle's dress was the best of the bunch. I like chartreuse and it certainly would work with many body types, unlike Layana's, Michelle's, and to a certain extent, Daniel's (can you see anyone who isn't a model wearing that much of that color pink?). And while we're on it, I did like the pink. I HATED pink when I was younger, but I've come to appreciate it now. And nobody slammed Richard's pink, which seemed like it was the same exact shade.

All in all, this episode was a let down. Stanley's was boring, Patricia's was something I'd NEVER wear, and poor Samantha's risk-taking got her the boot. I was sure Richard would be out, but I guess Heidi's love of a maxi dress won out over the junior superhero look. For once I agreed with Layana, I would rather see a collection from Samantha than Richard.

Not too much longer to go in this season! I admit I'm rooting for Daniel. He has such a great spirit and aside from his cray cray meltdown this week, he's been nice to everyone. I hope he's racking up the good karma and can keep himself in it until the end. For what it's worth, I would have loved to see his jacket with a pair of shorts, as long as the shorts weren't also pink. I guess that makes me old. Ha!

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