Monday, October 3, 2022

Craft Corner Attic Makeover

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Woohoo, my 6 week makeover of the world's smallest space is finished! Welcome to our new Craft Corner!

Craft Room Makeover

My house is literally a hodge podge of different builds and expansions, which left us with a space that we have previously called "the cat kingdom". It's on a second floor which is only accessible via spiral staircase, so it got that name due to being a refuge for our two cats to run away from our two dogs. Since we moved in four years ago, it has been unfinished-ish, was used for storage and cat food/litter boxes.

After I got my Cricut, I stuck a table in there and it became a totally dysfunctional crafting area. I had dreams of it becoming a nice space, and now it is! To start this project, I enlisted my long-time friend who has her own home organization/styling business. She listened to my ideas and then gave me some much better ones, as well as made suggestions that I never would have thought of myself. It was so great to have someone cheering me on with the purging and organizing. If you're in southern Indiana, please go check her out!

Craft Room Makeover

Here are the big things we did that changed the space:

Moved the wire shelves from the tall wall to the short side
Ripped up the random carpet pieces
New lighting

I also tossed a TON of stuff that we had previously shoved into the attic because it was there. I made it a goal to use only half the space for storage and for cat stuff, and I achieved it! Here's the new layout:

With the shelving moved to the short wall, regular height people (i.e. not just the kids) can walk in the taller angled side. The shorter side works fine for a desk because you're sitting down while working there. To fancy up the shelves a little bit, I spray painted the wall mounts gold. The wood dresser that's still hanging out here contains all our dress up stuff.

I re-used as much furniture as possible. The two desks we already had from our 2020 homeschooling days. The corner piece is actually a piece of wood cut to size, painted white and with a table leg attached to the bottom. The picture ledge shelf, the rope lighting, the small table lamp, and all the artwork we already had. I don't LOVE the folding chairs in this space, but it's what we had and they are functional.

The accent wall is Valspar Soft Pink 1008-8B. It's almost identical to the color I painted my original sewing room (sadly for me, now my oldest daughter's room) but this paint was much better to work with than that garbage Sherwin Williams. We only needed one gallon of primer, one gallon of white paint, and one quart of pink to paint the walls and the floor. 

I did make an Ikea run for a couple storage boxes (I'm obsessed with the Tjena line, they're cardboard but SO sturdy), the cups and rail on the wall, the pegboard and the rug. The cloud lights are from Amazon, although I noticed Ikea has something similar (full resource list at the end).

One bummer was that I purposefully bought the smaller Ikea Skadis pegboard to hang horizontally on the wall next to the rail and cups. Unfortunately, I forgot that the Skadis has oblong holes, not round ones, so it only "works" with its accessories when it's hung vertically. I put it on the opposite wall instead, and then remembered that I had this cool inspirational wall decal to put on the short wall instead. So, it worked out fine in the end.

I've positioned this space as mostly for the kids, but it solves my Cricut storage problem as well. Not to mention it holds my macrame, block printing, miniature set, vintage sewing patterns, felt doll get the picture! Do you have a small space you could make over into a craft corner? I highly recommend it!

Paint: Lowe's
Dresser: mine from childhood
Wire shelves: came with the house, similar at Lowe's
Wooden storage baskets: Michael's, old, must be discontinued because I can't find them online
Grey storage boxes: Ikea, Tjena, new version/size
Pink and patterned storage boxes: Ikea, old version Tjena
Chalkboard tags on storage boxes: Dollar Tree
White desk tops: Ikea (was called Linmon, now called Lagkapten because it's longer than a Linmon)
Legs on the desk tops: Lowe's
Rail and cups: Ikea Sunnersta
Wall decal: Target, old (2020 I think)
Wooden sloth yarn project: done by my daughter, kit from Etsy Simply North Woods LLC
Round wooden sign: Wood from Target, "Make Beautiful Things" design free in my resource library
Wall mounted white ceramic cup: one from a set of three, Amazon
Flower print in white and gold frame: Spoonflower wallpaper sample, print from Western Wildflower Studio
Woven hanging: locally made by Fairywood Fiber, Etsy shop here
Ceiling succulent: Target, old
Pegboard: Ikea Skadis+accessories
White drawer set: Michael's
Picture ledge shelf: Ikea Mosslanda
Plant and pot: Ikea
White and gold frames: Dollar Tree
Black frame: Ikea Yllevad
Watercolor mushroom print: local artist Susie Pogue
Smiley face succulent: Target, old
Cloud wall sconces: Amazon
Canvas paintings: my kids :) sloth and unicorn paint by number kits from Ooly
Rope lights: old, I think Target
Furry rug: Ikea Gullviva

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