Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Workout Set and Luna Top

If I make enough workout clothes, I WILL work out, right? I'll let you know.

I'm not a leggings gal. I know a lot of people wear them on the reg, but I'd rather throw on a pair of comfy Hudson Pants. However, now that my kids are in school I'd like to explore an out of the house yoga class, and obviously a cute workout set is vital for that goal. I asked in the Fabric Fairy group about which fabric was best for leggings, and most of the ladies recommended the Olympus line. I previously used Olympus for an Anouk Bodysuit, so I was familiar with its properties, but I decided I wanted something just a touch lighter weight. I ended up ordering one of the Marl Poly Spandex knits.

I REALLY like this fabric. It feels thick but super stretchy, and not too heavy. I combined it with a red mesh that I had leftover from making my husband a bike jersey ages ago.

The pattern I used for the bottoms is the Lily Leggings from Rebecca Page. This pattern has a lot of options, I added all the bells and whistles with colorblocking and a waistband phone pocket. I omitted the ankle cuffs. The topstitching with my coverstitch is somewhat at random so don't ask for an explanation there.

The rise is pretty high on this pattern, if you didn't want the phone pocket you could cut the waistband height in half for a mid-rise option. I found the fit to be perfect (I made a size Small for a 38" hip) but I did think the pattern could benefit from notches since it had so many pieces that needed lined up. I also noticed that for the view with the side stripes, the pattern omitted those pages in the printing guide.

For the bra, I also used an RP pattern, the Sports Bra. I usually wear a version of the Pneuma Bra, but decided to try something more substantial. The sizing on this pattern was pretty complicated. There were multiple cup sizes and band sizes. I measured myself following the directions and ended up with a D cup and 30" band. I feel like the volume of the cups is correct, but an underwire might contain everything better. I also have some side boob spillage (yeah, I said it) and feel like the straps are a touch too short. Overall, a good first stab at the sizing but some tweaks might help. There is a TON of fit advice in the pattern so I'll be circling back to that.

I used the marl for the bra and lined it with black nylon/spandex from my stash. I only had one hook and eye so I sewed the back elastic closed instead of using two hook and eye sets. This super cool band elastic is from Madalynne.

The last piece of this set is the free Luna Tank from Helen's Closet. The Luna has two views, this one is the cropped version. The Luna is super simple, the front and back are the same pattern piece. I made a size 4/6 for my 33"-34" bust. I like the bodice sizing but think perhaps it's a little tight under the arms (sensing a theme here?). The top isn't hemmed so this is a super fast sew.

I'm excited to hit a yoga class soon to give these pieces a try!

Disclaimer: I received all patterns and the grey marl fabric for free as part of the Fabric Fairy Promo Team and Rebecca Page Brand Ambassador Team. I purchased the red fabric. Affiliate links have been used. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Those leggings! The red mesh looks fantastic, really great job.


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