Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Jalie Activewear Round Up

I seem to have a backlog of recent activewear creations. As a member of the Fabric Fairy Promo Team, I frequently have my eye on the many MANY different kinds of activewear fabrics available...even if I don't always understand what makes one different from another. I love natural fibers, and it's hard for me to wrap my brain around performance fabrics sometime. But, I'm trying to learn, so let's take a look at what I've sewn and worn recently!

Top is a North Shore Swimsuit

First up, a couple pairs of shorts, using Jalie 3351. I ordered the paper pattern from The Fabric Fairy, along with two kinds of stretch mesh. These purple shorts were made with Court Purple Dri-Fit Stretch Mini Mesh. This is a Nike overstock fabric and there are a couple different colors. 

The side panels are using a FF print from a Bonanza Box (mine was a flawed box but not all of them are) that I got last year, it has since sold out. It was a great match for the purple and I'm glad I saved it! The pattern was easy to put together and the fit is good, but one knock against Jalie patterns is their teeny tiny seam allowances. The SA was 1/4" on this pattern, which leaves very little room for error if you happen to be an imprecise sewist. I made a size T for my 38" hips. I did not make the attached briefs.

I decided I wanted another pair of the shorts, but with full waistband elastic, instead of the small stabilizing piece as directed by the pattern. 

Top is a Soma Swimsuit

This mesh is a super dark navy, with small bubbles. It is called Obsidian Dri-Fit Bubble Jacquard Poly Spandex Mesh, and it is also from Nike. For my shorts, I used the side with the bubbles sinking in as the right side, but found out later this is actually the wrong side. Oops. The print for the side pockets is leftover from this swimsuit.

I find myself reaching for the navy shorts more than the purple, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm not big on purple or if I prefer the bubble mesh. I think both. I also managed to squeeze a Shenanigans Skort from the remaining bubble mesh, with a wool blend short underneath, for playing golf.

Top is an Oakley Vest

Speaking of golf, how about a me-made golf shirt? Enter another Jalie pattern, 2562. This one I purchased as a download directly from Jalie. 

The pink fabric I used for this top is Hot Pink Under Armour Dry Pro Micropoly Lycra Pique Knit Fabric (I cannot get the color to come out right in my photos, but the website is correct). It comes in a lot of other colors as well. I made an R in the bust and graded to a T hip, but it feels a tad snug. Again, the 1/4" SA is not my fave, especially when making a placket and collar with a stand! Plackets and collars benefit from careful, neat pressing, and in this synthetic fabric that's basically impossible. I did my best with the sewing, but don't look too closely.

The pattern is supposed to have sleeves, but I'm not a fan of the tan lines that come with that. I cut the armhole about an inch lower and added a band to make it sleeveless. I played golf on a sunny, 85 degree day and the fabric kept me pretty cool. And who doesn't love hot pink?

I made my visor too!

I'm going to consider this my good luck shirt, because I got my first birdie EVER while wearing it. My kids are getting older and giving me more time for being active, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore all these activewear fabrics.

As a member of The Fabric Fairy promo team, I am given a credit to purchase fabrics of my choosing. Anything costing above the credit, I pay for myself. I've been a lover of TFF long before I was on the promo team, and all opinions are my own.

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