Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vintage-Inspired Swimsuit

Disclaimer: I've gotten REALLY good at sucking in my gut for photos. Please remember that pictures on the internet are not reality!!

Somehow I've gone almost a year without blogging last summer's swimsuit! Remember this beauty?

I had both the pattern and the fabric for quite a long time before I finally took the plunge, just before Baby M's first birthday last July. We took her to a pool, so of course I needed a new suit (don't worry, she got a new one too, except it was store bought #momoftheyear). I wore it that one time, and then we didn't swim any more that summer! But this past weekend, it hit 90 degrees and we pulled out the sprinkler and our bag of swimwear.

Obviously, the suit didn't end up as planned. I cut and sewed the lining and tried it on my body to make sure the torso length would work, but I neglected to notice looked. There was a lot of swearing and hair-pulling before I ended up cutting the bodice and making a two-piece. I also recut the bottom to be more boy-shorts than bikini. Just a personal preference post-kids.

This AMAZING swim fabric is from The Fabric Fairy. If you aren't buying swim fabric from her, you are doing something wrong. She always has the best and most unique prints. I'm super excited that our new house will have a hot tub, because it means I have an excuse for more swimsuits!

This suit was a real make-it-work moment, but I think it turned out alright in the end. I still get to see that vibrant print, and it would have broken my heart to toss it in the trash after waiting so long to use it.

As for this summer, I do have a neon green Soma on my plate. What about you, are you planning any swimwear?

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