Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hey June Catch Up

The other day, it hit me that I had a big back log of Hey June creations that I'd never shared on the blog! I love looking at examples of other people's makes, so I figured I'd do a quick post with my newest items.

Lane Raglan Union St. Tee

From left to right, we have a Union St. tee, a Lane Raglan, and two more Unions. All are size small. The striped Union has a lowered neckline (I used the Plantain tee neckline and neckband) and the Lane has a higher sleeve height to create a smaller neckline (I'm sorry I don't have better instructions for this, I saw it in the Facebook group and didn't save my reference!).

The fabric is a lightweight rayon knit from Mood, and it is dreamy (as long as you can keep your coverstitch machine from eating it).

Both of these fabrics are merino knits from The Fabric Store Online. The sleeves were described as a grey marle, but when it arrived there is more of a taupe undertone that I wasn't crazy about. The small dose of it in the sleeves is just right. These are the elbow-length sleeves (not 3/4). The blue is called Denim.

This pink knit is also merino, also from The Fabric Store Online. It's called Vintage Cerise. It is SO dreamy and beautiful. I do wash my wool knits on delicate in my machine then lay flat to dry, hence the wrinkles.

Lastly, we have an army green rayon knit from Fabric Mart. It's a medium weight and a bit on the brownish side of army green. If you compare photos of this one to the pink merino tee, they were made with the exact same sized pattern, but this one looks way bigger. The drape is more dramatic with rayon knits, and I've heard a lot of people say they grow over time.

These four shirts have been in heavy rotation. I kind of want a closet full of Unions and Lanes, is that boring? Oh well, I guess I'm boring! But it feels great to have some TNTs that I can whip out whenever the mood strikes. However, seeing all these back-to-back I'm noticing some issues with the, er, back. Lots of pooling in the lower back. Time to look into correcting a swayback issue!

Are you on the Hey June t-shirt bandwagon with me?

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  1. Those colors are all my faves, I keep telling you, order enough for me too, haha! I am gearing up to sew Union Tees and Santa Fe tanks.


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