Wednesday, March 21, 2018

70's Inspired Tie Front Romper

Isn't it fun how all the sewing bloggers are pretending it's spring weather right now? (Indiana has snow on the ground.) If we all pretend hard enough, it will happen! Sooner rather than later, I hope, so I can start wearing this amazing romper ASAP.

Tencel Twill Romper Overalls

Lately I've found myself in a Pinterest rabbit hole at least once a day. It comes in cycles for me, usually with the changing seasons so I can see what's new and get excited about switching over my wardrobe. I was immediately drawn to this photo and this romper:

I searched like crazy to find the source/maker/original and could not. That makes me ragey, I hate not being able to give credit where it's due! But being a sewist, I became obsessed with creating my own, and remembered that I had a similar pattern in my stash.

This is vintage Simplicity 7329, and it was sent to me by a good sewing friend. The date on it is 1976 (my parents were in high school, should I ask my mom if she owned something similar?) and it only had one size (12, or bust size 34, I'm about a 33). I made a super quick muslin of the bodice (only a front and back!) and then drafted my own straps. The fit was spot on, like, I was in shock how perfect it was. I generally have a long torso but since I'm simply knotting straps, there's a bit of wiggle room in the length. I did also shorten the front at the top just to make it less...covering? IDK really.

Speaking of wiggle room, the pattern was drafted to include a CB zipper, which I omitted. If I hold my breath and struggle I can get this on without one. If I make another (with long wide leg pants, drool!) I will probably put a zipper in as instructed.

With fit figured out, next I moved on to fabric. I absolutely adored the color in my inspiration photo, as well as the drape. I thought perhaps it was linen, but after consulting with a friend (the same one who sent the pattern!) she suggested Tencel. I already had an order at Mood started, and she linked me to this one of their's. It. Is. Perfect!

The color is so unbelievably rich. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes green, sometimes both. It's luminous without being too shiny. It's a WOOL/Tencel blend twill, which makes me geek out even more because I LOVE wool. It's super soft like most rayon (Tencel is a brand name of a type of rayon) but the wool makes it nice and strong. The drape is excellent. Did I say that it's perfect?

I also made my shirt, details here.

I pre-washed the fabric by hand and air dried until damp, then ironed out the wrinkles before cutting. The long strap and short strap were drafted by me, as well as the facings that finish the top edges (due to my shortening the bodice and reshaping the back a bit, I could not use the provided facings). I also drafted the pockets and made it just big enough for my phone. To hold down the facings I stitched in the ditch (side seams) and hand-sewed (center front and center back).

Construction was done on my sewing machine and seams were all finished with my serger. This fabric frayed like crazy and the hem was finished with seam tape.

To say that this is comfortable would be a ridiculous understatement. The color pairs well with many shirts already in my closet, although I do think it looks better with a scoop neck rather than a V-neck. It works with tank tops. It would also be fun over a swimsuit. With sandals it looked a little dressier but it paired just as well with tennis shoes. This will be a great piece for Me Made May!

And just because I can, here's a side by side of my Pinspiration and my final product.

I stand like this all the time

Although, my husband said I looked like Luigi so obviously now I will never wear it with a green shirt. My six year old told me she liked it, but that I "still look like a farmer." Farmer Luigi? Maybe so. I don't really care. I've spent most of my life wearing clothes for others (my parents, to attract a mate, to dress an in utero child) and it's high time I wear what I want with little regard to outside opinions. Is that what getting older is? No longer giving any you know whats? If so, I think I like it.


  1. Nailed it. And yes - not giving anymore of those is such a lovely place to be.

  2. Yes! Wear what makes you happy! It's very cute and it looks versatile. Happy Sewing!


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