Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Project Runway recap

A little late on my review this week, after a super fun weekend and my first night without kids in FOUR YEARS! Don't be jealous, but I did sleep in until 8:30.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I liked this episode quite a bit. The challenge was interesting, the clients weren't that dramatic, but it was nice and open-ended enough that anyone talented could shine. The perfect challenge.

The way Brandon talked about his girlfriend was so cute. I can't say I've ever run across a guy dating an older woman and being happy to learn maturity from her!

Worst moments: Yep, it's official, the twins are the worst. Claire talked about Shawn like she was a tornado or some other natural disaster that could not be avoided. Hey Claire, she's your sister, maybe tell her that you need to work on your own stuff? How did they not discuss this before they applied? And what was up with Tim informing the judges and then NOTHING happened?? Not even a slap on the wrist from Heidi?

Margarita's two-faced turnabout attempting to blame her model was sad. She just didn't want to admit that her look was dated.

See all the looks here.

Best looks: Kentaro's winning look was so. good. I didn't hate Kenya's but I wasn't a fan of the print+the "leaves" which ended up looking like dog ears. With a different black and white print it would have been better. I didn't understand Tim's dislike for the green. I also, begrudgingly, liked Shawn's. I could care less if she "copied" what she and the model were wearing.

Worst looks: Ayana's bathrobe star disaster should have been in the bottom, along with Batani's Chiquita banana girl, and Brandon's pile of dirty garbage. They were all worse than Claire's. And am I imagining it, or did Samantha's sketch/discussion with Tim involve a white button-up shirt? What happened there? It ended up being just another ugly costume and I'm relieved she's gone.

Best quote: "I'm currently peeing my pants because I'm super excited to work with Margerita." --Christina

Next week: A completely contrived team challenge in which Shawn and Claire get to be eliminated together! At least, that's what I'm guessing.

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