Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Project Runway recap

Time is getting away from me friends. Less than two weeks until Christmas, I'm not done shopping, Project Runway is almost over, I haven't started sewing the stockings I want to make...the pressure is on. Just like with the designers in this last episode. Yes, Christmas stockings=fashion week.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Am I right in remembering that nobody complained about having another unconventional challenge? I guess these guys are ready for anything!

Worst moments: THEY might not have complained, but I will. Tired of it. Over it. Thinking it's a setup for crafty Erin to make embellishments out of garbage.

Best garments: I liked both jumpsuits, but those had more to do with fabric than design. For the unconventional looks, Laurence's dress was super interesting and beautiful, I just wish I hadn't seen a bird seed dress before on this show (although her's was much more effortless).

Worst garments: I didn't like Erin's unconventional look, but it was creative, I'll give her that. I was amazed that Roberi finished his garment but it didn't do much for me, it felt unfinished. Rik's looks both looked old to me. Like most weeks, there were some details to like, but nothing that blew me away.

So there we have it, the (final?) four moving on to fashion week. It wouldn't surprise me if next week is the real final challenge though. Cornelius going home wasn't much of a shock. This week felt a bit like an episode we just had to trudge through to get to the real business.

Next week: home visits!

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