Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Me Made May week 5

Wow, just like that May is gonzo! I can't believe how fast it went, although we were pretty busy around here with the end of preschool, H's 1st birthday, and a few other parties. Here's what I wore for the last few days of Me Made May 2016!

So, Zo... undies x2

Reflecting back on the month, this was one of the easiest years for me. Granted, I spent half the month counting me-made undies as my item of the day, but I didn't have a lot of choice in that matter. Two Mays in a row of maternity clothing meant that I had more options than most people, but I still didn't have 31 days worth of things. And I'm okay with that! I seriously cannot wait to get rid of my maternity clothes and have my closet back. Not to mention my regular body. One month to go and baby #3 will be here!

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  1. You have done well posting, it can't be easy. Best wishes for baby 3. K xXx


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