Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Impossible Me Made May?

Any other year, I look forward to Me Made May with excitement. I love the challenge of wearing handmade every day, and with the rise of Instagram it's even more fun to follow along with other sewists. But there's a bit of a monkey wrench in my life this year. Y'know, no big deal, just pushing a small human out of my body sometime mid-May.

The last two years, my MMM pledge has been to wear something handmade every day, with no repeats. Kind of insane, really, but I managed! That goal is absolutely not possible this year (I think?!?), which makes me sad. I hate the idea of moving "backwards" to a "lesser" goal, like allowing repeats or only doing it part-time. 

But what makes me more sad is the thought of not participating at all.

I've gone through my me-mades to see how many items I have that I can actually wear at this late stage of pregnancy:





That's 27 items (like...whoa). Not shown are a bunch of underthings and loungewear, which for the purpose of this challenge I'm totally counting. Yay for making up my own rules! I'm actually kind of shocked at the amount of items I have that I can wear, but they do skew towards colder weather. May in Indiana can range from a chilly 40 degree morning to a suffocating 90 degree afternoon. I think the biggest wardrobe hole here is some sort of maternity shorts or capris. My first child was born in February, so I never needed them. I have some ideas for upcycles to take care of that problem as the weather warms up. 

I'll be pregnant for the first half of May. Then there will be a few days in the hospital, and a few weeks home where I'm literally changing shape every day. And not sleeping. I'm putting a lot of emphasis on the maternity aspect, but in reality the time after birth is probably going to be more challenging. Expect to see a lot of me-made pajamas! 

By the way, does anyone have good ideas for me-mades I can wear in the hospital? Because yes, I'm the kind of person who thinks/obsesses about wearing handmade clothing in a hospital while giving birth. I have the wrong shaped head for headbands and already have been gifted some new jammies/robes to wear. Should I make another Anna Crossover Bra? Would it be cheating to wear a me-made fabric bracelet of some kind? Y'know, to complement the beautiful hospital bands I'll be wearing haha!

Enough waffling, it's time to make my pledge!

 'I, Beth Byrge of 110 Creations, sign up as a very pregnant participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2015, including the days spent delivering a baby in the hospital! Ideally, I will have no repeats, but give myself plenty of wiggle room as my body changes shape.'

For all the details on MMM and to make your own pledge, check out this sign up post from So, Zo... the genius behind the idea. Are you participating this year? 


  1. WHat about getting a head start? If your started your me-made month now, you'd be done around when you give birth? and then if you wanted to continue you could, but you wouldn't have to stress it!

  2. You are making me laugh! Yes, make up your own rules, you can always make a sleep mask to wear in the hospital, haha!


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