Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What I'm Reading: T-shirt Quilts Made Easy

For a looooooong time I've wondered about making a t-shirt quilt. Every summer, I played softball, from the age of 7 until I was 18. Before you start thinking of me as an athlete, I confess that it was slow-pitch and I never played for a school. At any rate, I received a t-shirt every year, all of which I still own. I'd love to make them into a quilt someday.

I came across this book on just such a topic and since it's short, I gave it a try. Having done zero quilting in my life, I mostly wanted to see if this kind of project was beyond my skill level.

The first 20 pages or so briefly discuss the methods you should use for a t-shirt quilt. This book specifically states that its goal is not to teach quilting, but merely to illustrate methods for using t-shirts. Whomp whomp. But really, that's okay, because I'm not in the mood for a quilting project right now anyway and I'd forget anything specific.

The book did cover interfacing, which was something I wondered about. It also contained tips on piecing and color theory.

The remainder of the book gave examples of t-shirt quilts. Patterns, I guess? You can tell I don't know anything about quilts!

One thing this book emphasized is the addition of regular quilting cottons into the designs. I'm not sure if that's something I'd like to do. There is literally a line "you can never have too much fabric!" which I would disagree with, as an apparel sewist and in apparel you definitely can have too many fabrics in one design!

Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt? Or found a better resource than this one? I'm all ears!


  1. I have a bin of race t-shirts just waiting for me to do this very thing. You can have the local fabric store cut eighth or quarter yard strips once you determine how much you need, then you won't have loads of remnants.

  2. I tend to prefer the t-shirt quilts that have interlocking squares, like the one in this link: -- she links to the method that she uses and the comments are helpful, so that's why I liked to this post rather than link to the method directly. :)

    1. YES!!! That's exactly what I was imagining! Thank you!!


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