Friday, November 8, 2013

Project Runway All-stars rehash!

My post is a bit late today. For some reason I could. not. stay. awake last night. Daylight Savings Time is still kicking my butt five days later. #firstworldproblems 

And yes, I know I'm supposed to gain an hour, but try telling that to my toddler's internal clock. DVR to save the day!

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

Irina picked last. Heh.

I liked the challenge, I think the hardest thing to do well is something simple. Especially for $100.

Things I hated:

Elena and Melissa seem to make the same things all the time. Yaaaaaaawn.

I just noticed that Zanna doesn't come collect the designers for the runway, like Tim does. I always liked it when he showed up and scolded everybody for being late.

Favorite garment(s):

I liked Viktor's design, but wasn't crazy about the print. The design was busy, the print was busy. I thought busy+busy=too much?

Sorry designers, but Christopher does simple and beautiful better than you. 

Least favorite garment:

I really didn't like Irina's. The model looked like she rolled out of a trash can.

Elena's was crazy well-made, but I wasn't into the color.

Ohhhh Korto. There was a lot going on there...what a shame, since her print was so nice.

Best line of the night:

"...and everybody else is like, 'FUDGE!'." --Seth Aaron

Is Georgina pregnant? She looks weird. Oh, and nice voice-overs about her new business ventures, with nothing to say about Isaac on QVC. Heh.

Awwww good for Viktor getting the win. If Christopher had won there would have been lots of hate towards him, so I'm glad we're skipping that. I'm not surprised by Melissa being out. Jefferey really has to do something magical next week if he wants to save himself. At least he's being respectful to the judges, despite them constantly criticizing him.


  1. Did you notice Georgina has been upgraded from merely beautiful to GORGEOUS!

    I thought much the same about Elena, all that work and the color was insipid.

    Melissa's dress made her model look like she had a weird growth on her shoulder.

    Jeffry looks tired.

    1. I Googled it, Georgina had a baby earlier this year. So I guess she deserves some extra compliments during that newborn phase!

      I don't think Jeffrey knew what he was getting himself into. He must not have been keeping up on the show and all its crazy challenges.


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