Thursday, August 25, 2016

Color Blocked Dolman

Getting close folks! The hunt for a TNT is almost over. Ages ago I sewed up New Look 6216 and it was a total disaster. Wrong fabric choice resulted in a great...pajama top.

I actually wear it a lot to sleep, it's easy to nurse in and very comfortable. But it's way too big. The shape is what I'm going for, though, so I decided to give it another try in a more suitable fabric.

Again I went with fabrics that I've used before that were sitting in my "large scrap" pile. The print is a poly ITY knit and I luuuurve it. You've seen it before in this wrap dress. It probably looks black but it's a dark navy and white. I have a hard time choosing good prints but this is the kind I love.

I didn't have enough fabric for the back so it's cut in two pieces instead of on the fold, but I doubt you can tell with this busy print. Additionally, I had to use a yoke, and I chose a navy French terry. It was the closest color match, and it worked fine for this yoke even though it didn't have the same liquid drape as the ITY. To figure out the best place to cut for the yoke, I searched for color-blocked dolmans on Pinterest. Most of them had the seam through the center of the "sleeve" so that's what I did.

I like this top a lot! I made one change which was to bind the neckline instead of sewing on a band. Binding always turns out better (for an explanation of what I mean, see this tutorial). I also didn't hem. This is the smallest size in the envelope. From here, I went ahead and traced the pattern and made a few minor adjustments, mostly in the back because, guess what, it's too big!

It's kind of hard to tell with the dark fabric but per usual the back is really wide on me. For my (hopefully) TNT dolman I removed some width. I also lengthened it an inch and lengthened the sleeves a touch. I hate when dolman sleeves are a bit short and then poke out all crazy. I also decreased the seam allowance to 1/2" because 5/8" in a knit is a waste. With all those changes I *think* I have a potential TNT. But for now, I'm enjoying this top and how easy it is to wear. I love ITY for that quality, even if it's kind of hot due to the polyester.

And yes, I know this skirt is super short. It's actually a skort, it's French terry, and I love it so much I will never stop wearing it. So there! The day I took these photos, I was *that person* trying to grocery shop with an infant who would not. stop. screaming. If everyone was going to stare at me, it made me feel just slightly better that I looked nice. The power of clothes y'all.


  1. You have a winner with this one - so cute!

  2. Great top Beth! Looks "dressy-casual". I like the two fabric combinations in the back. You look great to btw. Looks like your figure snapped right back, lol!:)


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