Thursday, September 1, 2016

Extreme Stash-busting Tee

I learned to sew a little over four years ago. I started out practicing with old clothes. When I felt confident enough to sew "real" fabric, I splurged on some high-quality knits from Emma One Sock. I kept reading (on Pattern Review) about this place called EOS and it took me forever to figure out what it was. In the last four years online fabric selling has expanded, but EOS still has some of the nicest stuff around. I had to stop browsing there because it was TOO nice for me and my spit-up/markers/machine-washable lifestyle! I've had a one-yard cut of this striped rayon knit for all that time. It feels almost surreal that it has finally become a shirt!

When I ordered this fabric, I had a raglan t-shirt in mind. In all this time, I haven't landed on a TNT raglan pattern (the Lane is on my cutting table, okay??). Shameful. Lately, I've been stashbusting as much as possible and I decided it was time to move on from the raglan idea, or it'd be another four years and this fabric would still be here.

I'm SO glad I used my now-TNT dolman pattern (New Look 6216) with this fabric! It is deliciously soft and amazing to wear, even in the heat. The metallic stripe is a fun detail amidst somewhat muted colors. Once it was on me, I felt like the colors might be a bit boyish...I can't decide.

I love this hard. It was worth all those iterations and wearable muslins to get to this pattern. And now, of course, I can pattern-hack away! I've got one more of these I want to crank out before I move on to other things.

Four years might not be long for a cut of fabric to languish away, but it felt long to me since that is my entire sewing career. Anyone else sewing up some old yardage lately? I won't dare ask how old your oldest piece is!


  1. I truly love those colors - it fits beautifully. I have a few fabrics given to me that honestly are older than you, haha!

  2. I can almost feel the softness, it looks great! I have been working from my stash too, and it's a bit embarrassing from time to time. ..


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