Monday, February 29, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

I had high hopes for this season, but they're starting to fall. Anyone else? Also, I much prefer the longer format of the regular PR. An hour and a half is necessary to get any idea of what's going on with people.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Asha and Alexander working well together made me happy. And Alyssa Milano finally wore something pretty on the runway! Also, I give Mitchell credit for not snapping at Daniel (that we saw). He was driving ME crazy and I was just watching!

Worst moments: Well, Sam didn't reign in his ego. Kini made his whole look but he had no qualms taking credit for it. He's starting to lose me as a fan. However, Kini wasn't exactly gracious either. If he had an issue with Sam, he should have told Sam. Not the cameras. He was acting a bit like a martyr.

Best garments: This week the winners deserved what they got. Asha and Alexander were apparently the only ones who understood that their dresses were going to be photographed together, and on the red carpet. Sometimes I wonder if the designers are even listening when a challenge is explained. The winning looks were very different but both were beautiful, flattering, and looked expensive.

Worst garments: Whoa there was a lot of ugly this week. I disliked pretty much everything except Asha and Alexander's dresses. I'm starting to question the taste level of almost all of these designers. I know that compromises must be made when you're working on a team...but I don't think that excuse forgives them here. Sam's fabric choice was weird. Kini's model looked like a fish from the 80s (I think Kini is taking his Hawaiian theme too far these days). Mitchell, Daniel and Stella were all designing for an adult fantasy store (the still photo of Stella's dress is horrifying). What is happening?? Mitchell's sketch was absolutely gorgeous (the one they have online is NOT the same as the one that was shown on air), but the dress he made looked like it had been eaten by a dog.

Best quote: "Valerie is like bubblegum and Stella is like...tar." --Sam

Next week: Unconventional challenge, blah.

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  1. Thank you for watching and recapping so I don't have to! :)


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