Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Tale of Two Fabrics: A Short Lesson in Drape

A few weeks ago I posted my first Isabelle Top, made from a delicious modal jersey.

I hope you can tell from the photo that this knit is slinky and very drapey. Right after I made this one, I made a second in a plain cotton jersey (from Girl Charlee a long time ago).

Like most all-cotton knits, the fabric doesn't have as much drape as a modal (a type of rayon) knit. I think it's helpful to see different reviews of the same pattern, and in this case you can see the exact same size on the same person, but in two fabrics.

The green top has a shorter zipper and shorter sleeves (no ruching). I experimented with the zipper facing and am happy with the results, the facing is visible now instead of the zipper tape. Other than these changes the two tops are "the same". 

Yes I know my shirt is wrinkled and my roots are showing. When the amount
of kids go up, the amount of giving-a-crap goes down.

What a difference a fabric can make! The modal knit shirt can easily be worn either way and stretches enough to accommodate my belly. The cotton jersey is more restrictive and holds its shape. It also supports the zipper much better.

The pattern designer recommends a slinky knit for this design. I would agree that the modal knit top is more successful. 

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  1. I do like the zipper better on the green. Great job!


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