Thursday, February 12, 2015

Summer Sewing in February

I think I spend as much time planning my projects as I do sewing them. I recently had a big fail with a winter garment for me (Manila leggings, I'll share next week) and in frustration I swore off the rest of my winter sewing. Baby #2 is due mid-May, and until then I think I can coast on the wardrobe I have. I'm tired of maternity sewing!

I decided to shift my focus and think about my post-baby clothing. After nursing my first child, I have a better idea of what types of garments I need for that arrangement. Really, you can nurse in almost anything, with the exception of woven dresses. My preference is knit tops and dresses with cowl or crossover necklines. I expect that pockets will become even more necessary with two kiddos. My default in the summer tends to be shorts and tank tops, although I'd like to include more skirts.

I have so many patterns that I forget about, so I got out all my bins and went through my digital files one by one. I made a giant list of any pattern that I could wear for nursing this summer.

Next, I put a box around anything that I actually wanted to sew. Then came the fun part, matching patterns with fabric! I can't wait to get all the details down in my Sewist's Notebook.

If it can all fit on one page, it's a reasonable seasonal wardrobe, right?! I'm ashamed to admit that there are a few items here that I've been meaning to sew for years. The blue crossover dress (from the Weekender kit on Craftsy) was a Valentine's Day present last year. I've had Vogue 1224 AND the fabric for it since February TWO years ago. Shame.

There are also a few necessary underthings here. Nursing undergarments are almost more important than what you're wearing on the outside. I'd love to try hacking the Ohhh Lulu Anna Crossover Bralette into a nursing tank, and the Jasmine bra into a nursing bra. I also want to make another swimsuit, but I'm undecided on the pattern.

My plan is to start making these garments now, even though I can't wear them until May. I'm kind of concerned about sizing, but hopefully the addition of a few pre-preggo TNTs will help. The Maritime Shorts are a new pattern for me, so those will have to wait for a proper muslin. 

I have no idea how much I'll be able to sew once Baby #2 is here. Hopefully having new me-mades waiting for me to wear will make me feel better about less sewing time. Have you ever sewn ahead one (or two) seasons? Was it worth waiting on new garments or kind of a bummer?


  1. I love your plan! It looks very realistic too.

    I have to sew ahead or *poof* the seasons will change on me and I'll never get to it. I plan to stop winter sewing this month and start for spring. Now, spring may not show up until early May but at least by then I'll have some nice lighter weight options. :)

    1. Your tundra life is even worse than mine, but our weather is SO unpredictable I could seriously sew for all the seasons and probably be fine haha!


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