Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

So this is the end to a mediocre season. I'm kind of grateful, to be honest!

Highlights: Sonjia designing for herself was smart. With such a limited amount of time, she couldn't afford to get distracted.

"If you're not young, you can actually die from exhaustion." --Dmitry

Lowlights: I'm not sure it's fair to have the helpers drape. I know that in an atelier situation, there are lots of people who do that work on behalf of the designer, but there is so much emphasis on OMG ALL STARS that it seems inappropriate.

I have a real problem with the amount of time the designers were given. Dmitry and Helen both work in intricate details and Sonjia relies on color and fabric. That puts her at an advantage. And we will NOT see their best work in 4 days.


Sonjia: Too much reliance on special fabrics. Too many lace pieces we've seen before. I am glad she made a glam swimsuit, and her jumpsuit was cool (but didn't Fabio drape that?). Even if it was the same swimsuit she made before, at least this one looked finished.

Dmitry: Did skew old and mostly fall. Loved the pink dress (of course). I wasn't into the 80's looks as much as the judges were. Overall I was disappointed.

Helen: Pleasantly surprised. More lace, blah, Sonjia ruined that for me. I didn't love everything but some pieces were very nicely done.

I told my husband before the runway show that it would be between Dmitry and Sonjia, and I truly thought they'd give the win to Sonjia. I was honestly surprised he won, although I believe he's the most talented designer. Dmitry was my fave in his first season and in this one, though I wish he would design for a younger woman (me). He's the only one who seemed to keep his cool throughout the season, which surely helped him succeed.

Your thoughts? Were you disappointed, are you glad this season is done? At least we don't have to see any more poorly-dressed preggo Alyssa Milano!


  1. Poor Alyssa looked SO uncomfortable the last few episodes!!!! But I believe she had a healthy baby girl so that's good :)

    I was NOT impressed with 4 days for 8 looks. That's just asking for disaster. I mean, seriously; that isn't about talent as a designer anymore which is really unfair.

    I wasn't impressed with any of the collections but Heather just bores me to tears in every way. Sonjia isn't ready because she is ONLY about the textiles. Maybe she should design fabric?? I warmed up to Dmitry as the season pressed on and guess he deserved the win of the three...

    1. I almost think of Sonjia more as a stylist...I know that's a terrible thing to say, but all she showed us this season was pencil skirts and crop tops in cool fabrics.

  2. I wasn't too impressed with this season either. When they say All Stars, I don't want the person who came in 8th place in their season. I wish they would get the top 3 or 4 from each season, instead of 'they came in 9th place'. I hate the restrictive time limits they are given to throw together a outfit for collection. Four days for an 8 outfit collection?? Ugh..at least give them 2 weeks. Do they want quick or quality?? Sonjia was always a favorite of mine. I really wish they were given more time. Panic sewing isn't good.

    1. I don't think people in the top 3 or 4 WANT to be on All-Stars :) I mean c'mon, KATE was on here AGAIN so they must be hitting the bottom of the barrel.

  3. I meant to check on Alyssa's baby, thank you Mrs. Smith for the news. I have to admit her clothing disappointed me. A lot.

    Happy Dmitry won, not unhappy it's over. I guess that kind of says it all. :-/

  4. Yuck I hated Dmitry's collection and thought it was the worst of the three. Frump. He was being mean in his interviews in the last episode, too, so I'm not very keen on him in general. I think he deserved to win his season of PR but not All-Stars. I haven't really liked the All-Stars seasons because the time is even more crunched, there's even more sponsored content, and the judges are annoying. Zac Posen > Isaac Mizrahi any day.

    1. I agree with the Zac- Isaac comment. I feel Zac is always helpful with his comments instead of trying to get in a snarky comment.

    2. I guess I was looking at Dmitry's collection and imaging what it would be like with less frump haha. And I LOVE Zac Posen, it almost made me SAD to see him in the finale because it reminded me how much better he is than everyone else!


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